How To Upgrade Your Cooking

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Being a good cook does not mean you need to take classes or spend weeks and weeks perfecting a dish. Although you might want to take extra lessons and care with cooking to get things right, you can still be a good cook with a few simple tips (and some patience).

Whether you want to know how to cook quick and delicious breakfasts or improve your dinners, here is how to enhance your cooking and enjoy the process more.

Don’t be afraid to try new recipes

You might have fallen out of love with cooking because you are cooking the same few dishes on repeat. If so, now is the time to understand that using new recipes is an easy way to become a better cook. Practice makes perfect and trying new recipes will teach you how to cook and serve new dishes.

For instance, if you are wondering how to smoke a chuck roast, simply search it online, and there, you can find the answer. Never worry about cooking something new and not knowing how to cook it, as there will always be an answer online.

Understand and master the basics

Another way to upgrade your cooking skills is to understand and master the basics. If you know how to perform the most basic cooking skills, you will be able to set time aside to master something more complex. 

First, it means that whenever you wish to boil an egg or make a basic soup, you can do so and create something delicious. 

Second, it means that basic cooking knowledge will give you the confidence to take the next step. For instance, instead of boiling an egg, you could try to master the art of making an omelet or poaching eggs.

Understand that making mistakes is normal

Like with anything in life, it is normal to make mistakes when cooking. This is especially the case when cooking something new. Expect to make mistakes throughout your cooking journey. 

Making mistakes allows you to teach yourself. We all learn from mistakes and making them in cooking will only make you a better chef. 

Ask for help

It is good to ask for help with cooking if you lack the confidence to try something new. Or, if you wish to make something more complex than your usual dishes. 

For instance, you might wish to create a handmade pie, which involves delicate hands for the pastry. If you are better at handling the meat and chopping vegetables, you could ask someone with delicate hands to help with the pastry. 

Asking for help will take the pressure off and also help you learn for next time.

Upgrade your kitchen tools

If your kitchen tools are old and outdated, it might cause you to hinder your cooking results. A damaged pan might cause your omelet to break and an old cheese grater might ruin your final cheese touch on your salad. 

Either way, it makes sense to upgrade your kitchen tools if you wish to upgrade your cooking. Better quality tools will ensure to enhance your skill and also make your life a lot easier in the kitchen.

Learn how to season things properly

When you season a dish correctly, it will enhance its flavor and make you crave it time and time again. 

Salt and pepper are the simple seasonings. Yet, there are hundreds more that you could use to upgrade the flavor of your dishes. 

Learning how to season things properly comes with practice and patience. You might not get the quantities right on the first attempt. Therefore, continue making the same dish and try different seasoning quantities until you get it right. 

Write down your recipes

Sometimes, you might make a recipe from your brain. Or, you might follow an existing recipe and tweak it a little. Either way, it is a good idea to write down your recipes so that you never forget them. 

You might crave a homemade curry that you made three months ago. If you haven’t written down the ingredients and method, you might not remember how to make it. 

If you write down your recipes, you can continue making amazing food and in time, add to the book to create your own recipe book full of incredible dishes. 

It doesn’t take much effort to become a better chef. Following recipes and getting new tools could be all that you need to master your skills and feel more confident and a chef.

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