How To Improve Your Meditation Practice

How To Improve Your Meditation Practice


Meditation used to be considered a religious practice only. However, times have changed, and so have those thoughts. Now meditation is used alongside yoga at the gym, in wellness spas, and in the comfort of homes. The benefits have both the experienced meditator and the novice wanting to improve and explore deeper into the world of meditation. Here are some ideas on how to improve your meditation practice, no matter what level you are at.

Choose a Designated Area

Having a designated meditation spot in your home is necessary whether you only meditate at home or if you regularly go somewhere to do so. Even if you go to a facility that offers meditation, you may be stuck at home at some point and will be thankful you created that special place to quiet your mind.

A closet, a corner, or an entire room can be used. Choose a comfortable rug to sit on and some pillows if you prefer. An area where the lights can be dimmed and candles lit is helpful is ideal. Find what works for you and make the area just as important as any other area in your home.

Try Different Apps and Styles

Sometimes it can be hard to get started with meditation or to stay focused once you begin. To help you along, many apps are available to try out, so you can find the best fit for you. Keep in mind there are many different forms of meditation. If one style doesn’t feel comfortable, try another.

Meditation consists mainly of mindfulness but in many forms. Loving-kindness, spiritual, movement, and focused are just a few out of the nine most common. Chakra meditation has gained popularity and focuses on one’s energy spots in the body. The goal is to unblock those energies through practices such as meditation, adorning the body with specific beads and crystals, yoga, and controlling our own thoughts and movements.

There is an app for each style and a style for each person. Find yours and set aside time each day to help you stay consistent.

Aromatherapy Will Help Clear Your Mind

Imagine trying to empty your thoughts and be still while smelling dinner cooking—odors, good or bad, are distracting. They also affect how we feel and what we think. Choosing aromas that cater to relaxation can help when you are learning how to improve your meditation practice.

Essential oils are most often used along with a diffuser to create the perfect meditation atmosphere. Smells like sandalwood, lavender, and even frankincense are very common and lead to relaxation. Try one at a time to see what works best for you.

The goal of any meditation practice is to unwind, destress, and clear your mind of unwanted thoughts. Practiced regularly, daily meditation will have a lasting and positive impact on your entire day.

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