Classic Style Icons and Their Advice for Men

Classic Style Icons and Their Advice for Men


Even if you don’t think of it as fashion, the clothes you choose every day are communicating something about you. A colorful Hawaiian shirt shouts, “Look at me!” while a pair of sweats mumbles something about going back to sleep. How do you know if you’re well dressed? You can always look to GQ’s classic style icons and their advice for men.

“I don’t dress for the moment.” –Cary Grant

Style is timeless. When you know who you are, you can assemble a wardrobe that’s about quality, not quantity. There’s nothing wrong with the classics; put your own spin on traditional pieces with surprising colors and luxe materials. More important, take good care of them. Details matter.

“You buy them off the rack, if they fit, and you put them on.” –Bob Dylan

The voice of a generation was talking about his trademark jet-black shades, which he was rarely without in the ’60s. A signature accessory can give your style a sense of continuity. And as Dylan can attest, it doesn’t have to be fancy.

“I was clean as a m———–.” –Miles Davis

The jazz great believed in simplicity so much that he wore jackets that just had two seams: under the sleeves and down the sides. There’s no need for bells and whistles that will distract from clean lines and a sleek outfit.

“There was some talk that maybe my muscles were too big for the shirts.” –Arnold Palmer

Sometimes you should take classic style icons and their advice for men with a grain of salt. Palmer made a splash in the ’60s with polo shirts that strained to contain his biceps. It was a bit much, but there are more subtle ways to show off your physique. Clothes should lightly skim the body, but an accurate fit is key. Make sure you’ve got the right size or tailor separates until they flatter you.

“I don’t follow fashion so much as I try to find clothes that make me look good. Because that never goes out of style.” –Muhammed Ali

Although Ali was colorful and flamboyant in the ring, he preferred a time-honored look for other appearances: slim, dark suit, a white shirt, and a dark tie. If it works, stick with it. And if you sometimes want to express your flashier side, it’s OK to wear fashion with a sense of humor.

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