How to Get a Picture-Perfect Shot? 4 Tips for Influencers


Getting the ‘right shot’ is tough. Influencers are constantly tasked with sharing their pictures and videos with their followers almost every single day. In fact, some of the top social media influencers report that they take 100s of shots in the same posture to get that one shot. And honestly, when your job is to look good, it’s normal to feel the pressure. 

While influencers can hire photographers to do all the legwork, they can’t always work with a professional. Having some basic knowledge can help them go a long way. Here are four basic yet effective tips for influencers to get that picture-perfect shot.

#1 Follow the Rule of 3rds 

The rule of thirds is a well-known rule of photographic composition. Influencers use this rule to shoot pictures in a 3*3 grid to get compelling and well-composed shots. When you take a picture in this format, the image breaks down into thirds, and you get nine pieces and four gridlines. It allows you to place the key elements along the gridlines and get better compositions. For example, if you’re taking your picture, make sure you place yourself in the left-third or right-third of the grid instead of standing in the middle of the shot. 

#2 Try the Flat Lay 

Flat lay is quite a popular concept in food and fashion photography. A flat lay is an image captured directly from above – a bird’s eye view of a few arranged objects. To get a good shot, choose a simple backdrop – it could be a table or desk. Add a few props or objects in your frames, such as your outfit, shoes, and accessories. This is especially appealing to fashion bloggers who share their outfit ideas with their followers. 

#3 Be Creative With the Edits

Did you know most of the influencers you see on Instagram edit their posts on their iPhones? Hence, it gets super easy. You can play with the brightness feature, changing shadows, contrast, and other editing features to get exactly what you want. Or, you can also take the help of this blog to know how exactly you can enhance a picture on an iPhone. Other than that, there are different editing apps that are easy to use and have free tutorial videos to help you out. 

#4 Take Pictures from a Higher Angle 

High-angle shots are the trend these days! If you’re taking a selfie, hold your camera a little higher than your eye level and look at the camera. This angle will help you minimize your chubby areas and get a more toned and slim look. Or, if you’re recording a product review video, place your camera on a tripod slightly higher than your eye level and point it downwards. It will allow the viewer to see the entire frame and hence, a better watching experience. 

In the End… 

Getting picture-perfect shots is vital to an influencer’s Instagram feed. Utilize these photography tips to create stunning pictures and get more attention. Being consistent with your appealing social media posts can also help the right brands contact you for brand promotions and sponsored deals. 

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