4 Ways Cold Weather Can Affect Your Health

4 Ways Cold Weather Can Affect Your Health


Cold weather can affect your health more than you may realize. If you don’t feel your best during the winter, continue reading to learn about some of the impacts cold weather has that you never knew before!

Irritates the Skin

Your skin may feel dry and flaky from cold winds and the dry air winter brings. Always remember to moisturize your skin before and after going outside to repair the barrier.

If you have a medical condition like eczema, cold, dry air will worsen your skin condition. Use a gentle cleanser paired with a thick moisturizer to calm irritated skin.

Impacts Blood Circulation

You do everything you can to stay warm in the cold weather, but sometimes, the cold is just too much. Cold weather reduces your overall body temperature, and you may notice your fingers and toes feel colder than any other body part. This is because cold temperatures narrow your blood vessels, making circulation to your extremities difficult. This can pose a risk for individuals with heart troubles, as the heart will have to work harder to pump blood throughout the body, increasing their heart rate.

Worsens Asthma Symptoms

An increased heart rate also impacts the functioning of the respiratory system. You may feel your breathing patterns quicken, so if you have a condition like asthma, cold air will negatively affect your breathing patterns. You might experience coughing, complications in the airway, and increased mucus production.

Increases Risks of Dehydration

Lack of proper blood circulation makes dehydration especially risky in cold weather. Dehydration makes it more challenging for blood to easily pump through the veins because there aren’t enough fluids. This, coupled with already restricted veins, can lead to serious health issues.

There are ways to know if you’re drinking enough water, such as if your mouth feels dry or if your urine is a darker color. Keep a water bottle by your side throughout the day to help you stay hydrated and healthy in the cold weather.

Before you go outside into the cold, remember how cold weather can affect your health so you can prevent these negative complications in the future.

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