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Summer is 3/4 almost over! And summer sales are almost ending! Before you freak out for missing such great deals all summer long, these sales are even cheaper! Sale prices slowly decreased as the weeks go by… So make sure you don’t miss out (this time)! I am going to share with you today my three favorite big summer sales and my favorites for hot trendy styles that are extremely affordable!

1) ZARA. Are you surprised? I am guilty as charged, and maybe just maybe 75% of my closet might be from Zara. But who could NOT love that store? Sophisticated, chic, and dressy are three words to perfectly describe my style. Anyway, Zara has two big sales all year long, their Fall/Winter sale and their Spring/Summer sale. Of course, the summer sale is my favorite because summer is my favorite season out of the whole year. If you love warm colors, prints, and chic looks, I recommend that you check this sale out! Zara’s summer sale starts typically around the last few weeks of June and ends until most or all of their sale is gone, which could go on until September!

Details //
1) Fringe Bag. Who doesn’t love a good fringe? Haha. You don’t need to be bohemian to wear this style, especially this particular piece that is on sale for $69.99 from a price at $129.00! This is a leather messenger bag that is so chic and stylish, I would consider this a day to night kind of bag!
2) Frill Top. I swear I have seen this style so often lately; I love it. Though, I feel as if these tops sometimes have the tendency to make you look “pregnant”, considering it’s an open and not fitted top, however this tank has an assymetrical bottom which helps to not make you feel that way. This piece is marked down for only $19.99 from a price at $49.90, wow what a STEAL! It also comes with a few other colors as well.

3) Black Strapped Heels. You can never go wrong with black and it’s basic so you can wear it with just about any outfit! I chose this because I noticed the huge price drop difference! This heel is on sale for $19.99 from a price at $89.90! This heel has most of the sizes left, so what are you waiting for!
4) Glittery and Silver Heel. I honestly adore these. Something sparkly is always an essential that every girl needs, and this pair might just be one of them! I love that the chunky part of this shoe is where the sparkles are, and the silver adds a bit of elegance to it. But overall, I can see anyone wearing it with an everyday dress, these shoes just add a bit of a “whmmp” to it! These are on sale for $29.99 from a price at $99.90!
5) Colored Pants. Like the sparkly shoes, I think that we should all have at least a pair of colored pants. Yes, I am the Queen of Color….BUT adding a bit of color to your pants, would not hurt you. Anyway, what’s great about these pants are that the colors can be worn for all seasons. Check them out for a closer look, the price is at $25.99 from $59.90.
6) Men’s Blazers (#1 and #2). So I never really explored the men’s section at Zara, and the only things that really stood out to me the most were these two blazers. These blazers are quite spiffy! I love the cleanliness to the look, as all blazers usually are, but if you look closely at the first one, the detail on the collar is what won me over. I also just really adore this white blazer, something about white always just gets to me. These styles are at a very affordable price. Both blazers are on sale for $69.99 from a price at $189.90. Check them out!

2) Aritzia. I was introduced to this place by my current roommate now a few years back. This was her favorite store, and when she took me there I thought to myself, “Wow, can I not afford any of this!” As a former college student, living in a big city, and working a low paying retail job at the time, Aritzia’s high-priced clothing was just not in my budget. Though, Aritzia’s overally priced merchandise, they sell very high-quality (I mean it should be right?) and authentic pieces. I feel like every now and then you can splurge on something you really want/need, so even if I have a few items from here, I still love their clothing! But if you are really not wanting to spend a whole lot on a tank-top, you should wait until their spring/summer sale! Aritzia’s sale is too hot to miss, with discounts from 20-50% off, it’s a must-have sale to check out! It starts (I am not entirely sure) maybe around June or earlier and ends around the same time that Zara does.

Details //
1) Bennett Dress. I am overly obsessed with this dress. You might be thinking, ‘why it’s just a typical long-sleeve button down dress,” well the pattern might not be that great, but this dress is made with real silk, which makes this dress elegant but can be worn dressed down too. My roommate has the exact same style but in a different and BETTER print which I wish I can just buy from her, because it’s my favorite outfit in her closet. This piece is on sale for $87.50 from a price at $175.
2) Romper. This Japanese satin romper is quite a steal. It’s sexy, chic and playful. I love the reddish and pink color of this romper, also comes in black. Sale price is at $72.50 from $145.
3) Black Blazer. Like the shoes at Zara, this is a basic essential to your closet. It’s a nice silk loose-fitted blazer, which can be worn over just about anything. The price is at $74.99 from a price at $165.
4) Hat. I also always see these hats everywhere, sometimes I wish I could pull them off… Is why it’s on my wishlist! This hat would pair nicely with a dress, romper or shorts day look! And maybe, just maybe help you block off that sun on a very hot, sunny day! The price is just too good to pass up, $9.99 from a price at $30!
5) Trouser Pant. I love these kinds of pants because you can wear sneakers or even a pair of heels with it and still look great! These cotton made pant is always comfortable yet stylish! The pant comes in colors of black and olive green. Price is at $34.99 from $85.

3) NORDSTROM. One of the biggest well-known sale that all fashionistas may be familiar with is the Anniversary sale at Nordstroms. Nordstrom is one of my favorite department stores, and when they have their sales happening, it’s always nice to see my favorite designer pieces a little bit more affordable! And of course Nordstrom is a department store, therefore they have a lot more to offer on sale than just clothing! The Anniversary sale started in mid-July and will end on August 4th, which isn’t much time, but it’s never too late!

Details // 
1) Vince Camuto Knee Boot. So as hard as it is to admit that winter is not too far away, we might as well stock up on some of our favorite designer boots! These leather boots are another must have essential, as it matches well with just about any outfit you wear in the winter. And hey it’s knee-high so that not only are your calves covered, but everything up until the top of your knee, which is MUCH needed when you live in a polar-vortex climate. These babies are at a price of $164.90 from $248.95.
2) Tory Burch Sunglasses. I love big sunglasses, I only always buy them. This is a great bargain for Tory Burch especially… The price to these are $133.90 from a price at $200.
3) Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody Bag. Crossbody bags are one of my favorite kinds of purses, I say this because they are so easy to carry and I mean let’s be honest…how can you lose it when it’s basically strapped around your chest? I recently purchased a Rebecca Minkoff bag, and I love it, so I am sure that all her other collection is great too! I love pink and this is such a steal. Price is at $116.98 from $195.00.
4) Men’s Patterned Shirts. Men don’t really have a lot of options when it comes to shirts. But these are my favorite! First one starts at $42.90 from a price at $65. The 2nd Chambray Woven Top is super sexy in the pinkish color, price at $38.90 from $59.50. The ‘Slip Fit’ Hugo Boss shirt has a nice color to it, price at $99.90 from $155.
5) Cole Haan Split Toe Shoe. This shoe is a basic essential for men. It’s looking quite sharp and clean and can be worn quite frequently. The sale price is at $129.90 from $198.

Also here are some extra coupon deals for Nordstrom, if you find yourself wanting to save up some more!

It’s never too late to start shopping for the greatest bargains of the summer!!! These are just a few of my favorite choices on the hottest styles on sale! What do you guys think? Have you been shopping at any of these sales? What are some other spring/summer sales going on right now?
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