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Social media is the key to growing an audience; it’s a very special and powerful tool that we use on a daily basis to connect with our friends, family and in my case, followers. There are endless platforms out there, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, the list goes on….

Out of all these brilliant apps, I would have to say my favorite one would be Instagram. Instagram is a wonderful platform where you can express yourself, inspire and give the low down on what’s happening with your life. It’s a very simple way to portray life in just one picture.

Today, I am going to break it all down for you, and share some of my recent Instagram posts. Hope you enjoy!
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This photo was taken by the wonderful Saad Hameed, and is one of my favorites thus far. This was taken at the Griffith Observatory, one of my favorite LA spots. If you’re ever in the LA area, this building is a must-go-to spot, it’s located in Griffith Park and offers breathtaking views of the great Los Angeles. The best part of all of it is, it’s free!
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What I love about LA is that it’s filled with many artistic, colorful and fun artwork all over the city. Secret or no secret, it’s amazing to have endless options to use for your photos! This photo was taken by Darren Bjorlin.
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Another great thing that I love about LA is that if you want to get away from life, the easy way to do that is to be in nature and go on a hike. There are so many different hikes for everyone that ranges from easy to difficult; it’s an amazing way to clear your mind, and get away from the world. Though this was definitely one of the toughest hikes I have done thus far, it is super rewarding when you get to the top. Trust me, you won’t regret it! So get off of your lazy couch, there is absolutely no excuse not to stay active! 🙂 Read more on how to stay fit around the holidays here!

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How does feeling guilt-free from eating ice-cream sound? Amazing, right? When presented this ice-cream, I could not believe it! Me, with a sweet-tooth and all, it’s definitely a huge plus! Halo Top ice cream can be found at your local grocery store. 🙂 

One of my favorite outfits, taken by Saad Hameed. This was shot around the time I just moved into my new apartment; and fell in love with the city we live in. If you’re ever around the Glendale area, you won’t be disappointed. 🙂
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After trying on a million (yes, a million) different tops to go with these pants, I was pleasantly surprised how well this blazer went with it. The best part was this look matched perfectly with the location we shot it at! Also taken at the Griffith Observatory. It was definitely meant to be. 🙂
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And that’s a wrap. What are your favorite social media platforms?

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