Getting Your 5 A Day: Sneaking Fruit and Veg Into Popular Foods

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Do you struggle to eat as much fruit and veg as you should? Or are your kids picky eaters who turn their noses up at anything healthy? With an obesity crisis in the US right now, eating better and including healthier foods in your diet will serve you well now and in the future. However, if chomping down on a carrot isn’t your cup of tea, this post has some easy ways to include more veggies in your diet without having to suffer for your health.

Soups and Stews

One of the easiest and most tried and tested ways of getting more of the good stuff into your diet. You can make soups with pretty much anything these days, from the classic vegetable and tomato soup to trying this super easy cauliflower soup recipe, red pepper soup, and chicken noodle soup with sweetcorn. Plus, the best part about soups is you can change the consistency. You can have it chunky or blend it down to a smooth soup to enjoy. But whatever you do, pack it full of the good stuff, add seasonings and flavors, and you have a nice healthy meal with little to no effort.


Who doesn’t love cake? If you are fond of the soft and squishy goodness that is a good slice of cake, why not look for cake recipes that can help you add more fruit or veg to your diet? We all know how delicious blueberry cupcakes or muffins are, but you can get creative with your ingredients for a tasty treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth while still having a healthy element to it. Some good veggies to add to your sweet bakes include carrot parsnip, beetroot, zucchini, and pumpkin, to name a few.

Smoothies and Juices

A classic but a good one. If munching on carrot and celery sticks isn’t for you, then blending them down into a healthy smoothie or juice can be a good alternative. But remember, while making juice from fruits and veggies might appear healthy, when you blend down fruit, it can release sugar, making it a more unhealthy choice. Drinking your juice quickly can reduce how much sugar is released, or avoiding fruits altogether and opting for veg alone can be a good alternative. The best part is you can experiment with different ingredients, find a taste and texture that works for you, and quite simply drink your way to a healthier you.


There’s no denying that making your own sauces and bases for recipes is much healthier than the sugar-laden store-bought varieties. And making your own sauces is really easy to do. Most sauces use a liquid, a thickener, and some flavorings. You can add any vegetables you want to your sauce. For example, if you are making a tomato sauce for your meals instead of using passata, you can add carrots, peppers, zucchini, and much more before blending the sauce down to retain the goodness and hide the evidence.


Getting enough nutrients in your diet can have an immeasurable impact on your overall health and well-being, and adding veggies to your soups, smoothies, cakes, and more can be an easy way to ensure even the fussiest eaters are getting everything they need.

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