Fashion Tips for New Executives

Fashion Tips for New Executives


It can be intimidating for an employee to step into an executive role with a company for the first time. There are many new responsibilities and obligations that have to be attended to daily. There will also be many decisions that you will have to make that will impact how your peers view you. One of these decisions is what you wear to the office and the various work functions that you will be attending. Here are some quick fashion tips for new executives to help start their new role off on the right foot.

Dress for the Occasion

While traditional business attire is the classic business suit, there are times when other attire can be required. Consider the industry that your company is in when selecting a wardrobe. You should also consider what the others on your level are wearing and match it, at the very least. Learn the unwritten rules for work parties and functions so that you aren’t seen as out of place. You should also consider your comfort in situations, especially those that will require you to be engaged for large chunks of time.

Selecting a Suit

For those times that call for a suit, do everything in your power to look your best. Try to avoid trends or fads to avoid dating your suits and thus requiring replacements sooner. Fit is the most important aspect of the suit, so be sure to have a tailor you can rely on to get your measurements right. A good tailor knows the importance of accurate measurements and can fit or craft the perfect suit for your body type. You should also own multiple suits for different occasions and different seasons so that you can remain comfortable and fashionable all year long.

How To Accessorize

The rest of our fashion tips for new executives all involve the little things of dressing the part. When going to accessorize, start with the tie. Darker colors are better for more formal and somber occasions, while brighter or even no tie for less serious situations and events. When it comes to shoes, brown leather is a classic look that goes well in any situation, but other looks can be appropriate for different situations. For jewelry, it should typically be limited to a wedding ring and a watch, if possible, but some exceptions are understandably made for different occasions. Some cufflinks to fasten your shirt sleeves can be a fun way to express yourself given the right type of social event.

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