Easter Sunday

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Can you believe that it’s half way through April and Easter is over already?  It’s crazy how time flies; it feels like it was just yesterday that Lent started.  Looking back at my Lent post in February, that was almost 2 months ago, where did time go?  Those of you who gave up something for Lent, did you make it through, or did you fail like I did?  Sadly, I tried to give up sweets but it definitely did not last too long, anyways…  This Easter my family and I attended morning church and then headed over to brunch at Pinstripes.

Those of you who are unfamiliar with Pinstripes.. Pinstripes is a venue that offers a combination of dining and entertainment, such as bowling and bocce.  Just recently they opened up a Chicago location in the Streeterville area, located at 433 E Illinois.
I have had brunch here before for Mother’s Day at their other location in Northbrook, but when I heard they opened one right down the street from me, I had to check it out!
Brunch at Pinstripes is amazing!  There were long tables of food such as parfaits, pizza, pasta, salad, fish, and many more to choose from, with also stations that offered omelettes, different meats, and waffles.  I was in food heaven! 
Of course out of the whole thing, my favorite table would be the dessert table.  Do you see now why I could not give these treats up?  And can’t forget the chocolate fondue fountain!  Chocolate heaven for sure :-)!
Overall, I had a delicious time.  My family and I were satisfied at the end.  This venue is awesome!  And is a place to definitely check out if you have not been!  I mean who can say no to a place that has food and games?  If you’re not in the city, Pinstripes is also located in Northbrook, Oakbrook, and Barrington! 
How did you and your family celebrate Easter?  Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!  
Fancy Nancista

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