5 Habits To Help You Feel Your Very Best

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During the winter months, it can feel overwhelmingly dark and cold. Whether the elements directly impact your outside environment or you feel that way inside as well, remaining in a place where you can feel your very best can be challenging. This article explores five habits to help you feel your very best and remember that spring is coming.

1. Prioritize Your Self-Care 

As adults, we learn to be our own caregivers. It becomes our responsibility to nourish and care for our mind, body, and soul. When we start neglecting our self-care, it becomes easier for other things to spiral and ultimately prevent us from feeling our best. Without caring for yourself through things such as your skincare routine and your mindfulness practices, you won’t be able to feel your very best.

Prioritize your self-care this winter by taking time out of your schedule for fun activities, nourishing meals, exercise, sunlight, and excellent hygiene Whether you take a road trip to Sedona or get laser hair removal Jacksonville, remember that emotional health improves when we take care of our bodies. 

2. Clear Your Mind

Quieting the mind is a difficult task, but it’s not impossible. When our thoughts and emotions build, it becomes more challenging to tolerate distress and build resiliency. Try to quiet the chaos of mental chatter by creating a healthy habit that allows you to vent your built-up thoughts and emotions productively. Feel your best by meditating, journaling, or talking with someone you trust to clear the mental clutter. 

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3. Get Fresh Air

When we stay indoors for too long, we feel stuffy for a good reason. We need fresh air in order to make us feel refreshed, both mentally and physically. 

If you want to feel your best, it’s crucial to spend some time outside and get active. You can do something simple like meeting up with your friends for a game of basketball, or something more involved like visiting an adventure park near Baltimore. 

4. Find Your Focus

Sometimes life brings uncertainty and heavy feelings like fear, stress, and heartbreak. In these moments, life doesn’t make much sense. If you can find your focus outside of the things that are eating at you, you can learn how to cope effectively and maintain your mental health

The goal is not to avoid difficult emotions but to skillfully focus on other things when there is no time available to focus on feelings. For example, you might fully immerse yourself in something that interests you and focus your energy on that. 

5. Make Time To Move

Exercise reduces stress and releases endorphins in the body. The feel-good chemicals you experience from exercise can help you feel your best for long periods after your workout. 

Try to get at least twenty to thirty minutes of exercise each day, even if it’s just something simple like walking around the neighborhood or throwing a ball around with your kid or pet. For a workout that’s a bit different than usual, consider trying a boxing class in Portland. 

Prioritize Your Wellbeing This Winter And Always 

Feeling your very best is a skill that takes practice. There is no way to guarantee well-being 100% of the time, but you can take up healthy habits that significantly improve how you feel more often than not. Remember to be kind to yourself and engage in activities you genuinely enjoy. 

Prioritize taking care of your body and utilize helpful resources like meditating and talking to a close friend to vent and eliminate unhelpful thinking. Consider the five healthy habits above to start prioritizing your well-being this winter and always.

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