5 Best Cities for a Destination Bachelorette Party

5 Best Cities for a Destination Bachelorette Party


We all love living and partying here in Los Angeles. However, for a special event like a bachelorette party, it’s sometimes more fun to get away. Keep reading to learn about five of the best cities for a destination bachelorette party in the US.

Cape Cod, MA

Some people think Cape Cod is just beaches full of older people with even older money. Luckily, that isn’t accurate. Cape Cod is a great city for a fun bachelorette party! There are plenty of bars and other types of nightlife for bridal parties wanting to drink and party. There are also beautiful beaches and hiking areas for groups who want to enjoy nature. And for girls who want some glamor, consider chartering a boat or visiting a vineyard. The options are almost endless!

Chicago, IL

Chicago is a bustling city full of beautiful river views and fun activities. If you want a classic city vibe for your party, Chicago is the perfect destination. You can take cocktail classes, enjoy a boat ride, go to a burlesque show, relax at a spa, rooftop barhop, and chow on Chicago-style pizza on your special weekend away. The Windy City truly has something for everyone!

Miami, FL

If you want the best of the city and the beach, then Miami is the perfect bachelorette destination. This amazing city in South Florida has everything you need for a wet and wild bachelorette vacation. You can tan on the beach during the day, barhop at night, and fill the rest of your time with everything in between—from spas to restaurants to shows. You’ll never feel bored in Magic City!

New Orleans, LA

New Orleans combines many cultures into an amazing tourist experience for your bachelorette party. Tips for planning a New Orleans bachelorette party will help you learn everything this city has to offer. You can ride the world’s oldest streetcar line, treat yourself to famous beignets in the French Quarter, relax on a riverboat, and party the night away on Bourbon Street. And for the particularly adventurous bride tribe, you can even take a walking tour through supposedly haunted streets and cemeteries!

San Francisco, CA

If you want to get away but prefer destinations on the West Coast, consider San Francisco for your bachelorette party. Full of delicious restaurants and close to some of the best destinations California has to offer, this is the perfect city for ladies who want to do it all! Drive out of the city for a few hours to see incredible wildlife and sip on delicious wine in Napa Valley. Then, come back to the city for fascinating historical tours, some of the best restaurants in the world, and beautiful views of the Bay Area.

There are so many great spots for a destination bachelorette party. Each of these five cities offers something unique in a different area of the US for you to enjoy with your bride tribe!

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