Why Flouting “Fashion Standards” Can Be The Best Style Decision You’ve Made

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Most of us are aware that certain fashion rules exist for a reason. If you were to attend your place of work wearing your office trousers atop your head, you may receive some quizzical looks.

As such, we tend to dress to a certain standard, especially when we have to present a certain image or hope to look our best. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with this.

However, there’s certainly a problem when you feel you have to reach a relatively uncompromising standard to have any worth whatsoever. For example, you don’t have to wear a $10,000 suit to look your best and dress for success, what matters is putting together some tasteful pieces that fit you and work for your sense of style.

In some cases, then, it’s good to ignore all the advice you may have been given so far, either implicitly or directly, or even by association. Ignore the fashion magazines, or avoid trying to dress like that person you respect in that reality show you like, and instead focus on what helps you get the best from your wardrobe.

Flouting fashion rules can be your first, best step to achieving that. In this post, we’ll determine how that is, and which way to go about it.

Finding Your Own Standard

It’s important to find your own standard when it comes to fashion. This is because what may be given to you as “the ideal” is rarely that. For example, women’s plus size formal dresses aren’t “an alternative” to good fashion, they are great fashion, leading the way to inclusivity, to welcoming all kinds of body types. This way, you realize there’s no “point” you have to reach to look good, you just need to enjoy wearing what clothes work for you, and expressing the style you have, today, without apology.

This way, fashion can stop becoming a strange out-there and aspirational effort, and it becomes a creative choice you can take part in right now. There’s almost nothing more wonderful than realizing that, and unshackling the limits you might have placed on yourself thus far.

Working Creatively Within Parameters

The advice above should always ring true no matter what, but it’s also helpful to realize that any great art or form of expression is not limitless. For instance, all the songs you love will work along catchy chord progressions and will use standard music-writing rules to help that creativity flow.

So, you might decide to work creatively but make sure your clothes are fitted to work with your frame, too. Complimentary colors that match your eye color can take a little while to find, but with a little care, you’ll be sure to express yourself through that wonderful lens. Perhaps you have a certain pattern style you enjoy, or you want to keep up with a certain subculture, like alternative or goth-like, a cool throwback to a more singular time. This way, if you’re struggling to get started, think more along the lines of “healthy parameters” as opposed to “standards to meet.” It will help.

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Dressing For Yourself

Beginning to make decisions for yourself and not just for others is the hallmark of maturity. Of course, there are some exceptions – a parent will make decisions based on the wellbeing and development of their child, not for their own indulgences. But still, caring for their child is still a main priority they enjoy most.

As such, dressing for yourself can be a great way to reclaim your style, but you may also dress for certain responsibilities in mind. So, you might decide to opt for a formal style at work, but you don’t dress in smart-casual because you want to outdo everyone in the office, but because you simply feel better in ties, waistcoats, shirts and formal trousers. It helps you feel professional and motivated. As you can see, sometimes, keeping up with a standard isn’t just through obligation, but also through desire and interest.

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Minimalist When You Need, Garish When You Desire

There’s something to be said for flouting all fashionable advice and just wearing comfortable clothes. Simple jeans, one-tone t-shirts that fit you, and a simple accessory like a watch can be more than enough for many. 

But it’s also nice to have the spectrum in your wardrobe. A beautiful dress for clubbing in, or a leather jacket for when you’re feeling bold, and accessories like a neckerchief for when you want to express yourself and your background.

When you can express both elements of your personality, you won’t feel suppressed, but able to be who you truly are. It’s amazing how much clothes can help you embody that, and we hope this advice helps in that regard.

With this advice, you’re sure to flout fashion standards that seem limited, and instead move into the future with confidence.

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