When a Backpack Is Better Than a Suitcase

When a Backpack Is Better Than a Suitcase


Planning a trip can be a thrilling experience. The anticipation of new sights, sounds, and experiences is exhilarating! But struggling with unwieldy luggage can quickly turn this joy into a frustrating ordeal. This begs the question: when is a backpack better than a suitcase?

Outdoor Adventures

Obviously, a backpack is better than a suitcase if you’re planning on hiking through forests, scaling mountains, or exploring remote areas. You’ll need mobility, flexibility, and comfort, which are all great things to look for when choosing a hiking backpack, along with proper sizing and sturdy, puncture- and water-resistant materials.

A backpack distributes weight evenly across your shoulders and hips, making it easier to carry for long periods. Plus, a backpack keeps your hands free to take that selfie or check a map on your phone. Dragging a suitcase, even one with wheels, over rough terrain would be ridiculous and probably impossible.

Backpacks are also the obvious choice for camping or glamping. They’re certainly easier to hang up on a peg in a cabin or from a tree branch. Plus, they work as backrests for breaks to take in the scenery or even as pillows if you want to stretch out and read. Furthermore, the convenient compartments of a backpack allow you to keep clothes that have gotten wet or muddy away from your cleaner, dryer garments.

Road Trips With Frequent Stops

Consider a road trip with frequent stops at various attractions; here, again, a backpack proves its superiority over a suitcase. With a backpack, you can easily pack and unpack your belongings at each stop. It is also easier to keep your essentials close at hand. A suitcase, on the other hand, will take up more space in the vehicle and can be cumbersome to lug around at every stop.

Historic Destinations With Walkable Cobblestone Streets

Imagine strolling through charming, narrow cobblestone streets in a historic city. Now, picture dragging a suitcase behind you on those uneven surfaces. That would be difficult and detract from the charm of the experience. A backpack, in this case, allows for easy navigation while also protecting your belongings from the hard, uneven surfaces that could potentially damage a suitcase.

And if you’ll be staying in a nice hotel during your trip, you can get a backpack that converts to look more like a standard soft-sided suitcase. This way, you won’t get those “What the heck are those backpackers doing staying here?” looks when you check in.

Crowded Flights With Limited Overhead Storage

Air travel often presents another scenario where a backpack is better than a suitcase. Overhead storage space in airplanes is notoriously limited. A soft-sided backpack can fit snugly in these tight compartments far more easily than a hard-sided suitcase. You can take advantage of gaps in the overheads, stuffing your backpack in while other passengers still engage in a futile search for space and end up checking their luggage.

While suitcases have their place, a backpack is better than a suitcase in numerous scenarios. Next time you plan a trip, consider if your situation is one where a backpack will make it easier to enjoy your adventures.

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