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Hi Loves! Whose excited for summer?! I am officially graduating in about a week, so excited! I am sorry for being MIA again, but I promise you once I am finished with work and school in a week; I will be focusing more time on my blog, which I am very excited to do so!

I went on a shopping spree, and bought some new pieces to add to my closet. I have not yet received all of my packages in the mail yet, but I am quite excited to show you once I do!

Here are some outfits I captured during the weekend…

Went to the ROOF at the Wit hotel last Friday to celebrate almost graduating!! You can never go wrong with black and this outfit is perfect combo of classy and girly! Mwah! :-*

Night 2: I went to the Vertigo Sky Lounge with my roommate for her brother’s bday!
I love this orange dress! Perfect color for the summer weather and super classy length. I bought from Akira (which is not available online).
Then for Memorial’s Day, grabbed lunch at the Ralph Lauren Restaurant with my family! Check it out:
Food = delicious! Must go!

My family and I

My sister and I in front of Peninsula’s statue that’s wearing a Black Hawks tee! Go Black Hawks!
Sorry for the boring post. But this is what I have been up to! I will for sure post more once I get my outfits together. And also will be working on a piece for men’s clothing soon. So look out for that! 
Hope everyone has a great weekend! 


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