Ways To Increase Your Workout Motivation

Ways To Increase Your Workout Motivation


Finding the willpower to get to the gym can seem impossible at times. You’re often too tired, too stressed, or too busy to exercise. Regularly working out will increase your energy and lower your stress, though. There are ways to increase your workout motivation no matter what’s stopping you so that you can reap these benefits. Here are a few simple ways to improve your relationship with the gym.

Set Attainable Goals

When we attempt a lifestyle change, we can sometimes make our initial goals too high. The key is to start slowly. Begin with two or three workouts a week instead of five. Rather than immediately diving into high-intensity routines, ease into routine exercise with a low-impact workout.

Make a Schedule

Creating a schedule can keep you on track with your fitness goals. It will eliminate the guesswork out of when you should work out and what you specifically want to do in each session. Fitness classes can offer a structure and set time for those who need help with this. Some even penalize you with a small fine if you miss a session, further incentivizing you to stick to your plans.

Get a Friend Involved

Your best friend can also be your best source of motivation! Find a gym buddy so that you can hold one another accountable for missed workouts and encourage each other during sets. Your gym partner can be a seasoned fitness expert or maybe someone else who needs a nudge to get up and get moving like you!

Track Your Progress

Physically tracking your improvements can provide a considerable boost to your self-esteem. Use a fitness app to keep a record of the time and intensity of your workouts. If you prefer old-school methods, keep a physical journal and write down your measured progress, as well as any improvements in sleep, energy, and positive thinking that you notice.

Wear What You Like

One of the best ways to increase your workout motivation is to wear clothes that you like. Whether you’re comfortable in your favorite old t-shirt and sweats or specifically put on performance clothes that make you feel great, you’ll no doubt increase your gym attendance because you feel more confident.

Allow Occasional Mistakes

No matter what you do, don’t beat yourself up. There’s no greater de-motivator than guilt. If you can’t make it to the gym one day or even for an entire week or month, that’s okay! Pick it back up when you feel capable and find a way to make it easier. Adjust the time of day you work out or make changes to the workout itself.

Incorporating even one or two of these ways to boost your gym motivation will show benefits to both your physical and mental health!

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