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Hi All! How was your Thanksgiving? Hope you guys had a wonderful holiday and did lots of shopping! I, on the other hand, have done barely, but did snag a few good ones online (can’t wait to show you!). In honor of one holiday feast down, I wanted to get a head start on my New Year’s Resolutions; one being to be and stay healthier. It’s been two years since I’ve committed to working out on a weekly basis; and not just a 1 month – I’m over it kind of deal, I mean I’ve kept a routine, a lifestyle, and it’s definitely a huge positive first step in my life. But the one thing that cancels out to my fitness routine is my diet. It’s definitely a struggle, and believe it or not it’s even more of struggle around the holiday season.

Today I want to share with you 5 great tips on how I’m #AvoidingHolidayWeightGain (and you can too!) –

1) Stay Active.

I recently took the plunge and signed up for a gym nearby, and have been loving it ever since.

If you don’t want to spend money on a gym, you can easily workout at the comfort of your own home! #NoExcuses! Some of my favorite in-home workouts come from people I follow on Instagram, @workoutprograms, @sarah_bowmar, @flatbellyguide and @missk_J6 (awesome protein recipes). Do at least 30 minutes of these exercises every other day… Trust me you’ll feel better!

2) Eating healthier, pick better foods to consume next time – 
Yes I am not the Queen of eating healthy, in fact food is my weakness, and eating healthy is just something I have been horrible at doing, and let’s be honest, who isn’t? Instead of trying to go on a diet, I am going to make it a lifestyle, and my first step is meal prepping each week. Having a handy “already made snack” will make saying no to the bad stuff easier.

Yes, the cookies, cake and candy are everywhere; and no you don’t have to stay completely away, but before you take a dive at the dessert table, maybe think about eating a small snack (carrots, yogurt, etc.) beforehand, that way you won’t end up over-indulging and regretting it later.

Here are some websites I have found that have great meal prep recipes – OrganizeYourself Skinny or GirlsWalk into a Barbell.

Shop for cheap mason jars here and tupperware here.

3) Thanksgiving just ended and your weekend feast continued all weekend long..Feeling bloated all the time? Consider trying detox or weight loss tea (can be found at your local grocery store). 
I have been drinking mine since a few weeks ago and I have been feeling great!

Here are some great options: Get Clean Tea (great tea!), SkinnyMint

4) Body wraps might help speed up the process. I am about to try out a body wrap called “It Works!” 

Not sure if it “really works,” but we shall see… I will update you with the results!

5) And last but not least… Be confident. 
Not saying you can’t indulge in the holiday feast, but stay strong, if it helps write down and keep track of everything you eat daily, and remind yourself that the biggest battle you are fighting is yourself.

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How are you guys keeping healthy this holiday season? Comment below, would love to hear some tips!  

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