Tips for Planning the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

Tips for Planning the Perfect Outdoor Wedding


Outdoor weddings are nothing new, but COVID-19 health and safety guidelines make the outdoors a perfect place for such events. You might not be able to flood the venue with joyful guests, but your wedding can still be as special as it would’ve been pre-pandemic. These tips for planning the perfect outdoor wedding will help you put together a fun, memorable evening for all in attendance.

Provide Plenty of Shade

Holding your wedding outdoors on a beautiful, sunny day is as special as it sounds. That being said, don’t forget about keeping your guests comfortable during the event. Warm weather is awesome, but if your sunny event lacks any place for visitors to find shade, everyone’s nice suits and dresses will become very uncomfortable within hours of arriving.

Tents are great for combating poor weather conditions—and great for optimizing good weather conditions, too. More specifically, setting up some tents for outdoor weddings is one way to offer visitors an escape from the sun. Furthermore, if warm weather is in the cards for your big day, be sure to have plenty of cold water for guests. Dehydration and heatstroke aren’t ideal situations.

Always Have a Plan B

When it comes to tips for planning the perfect outdoor wedding, you should always have a backup plan. Despite the accessibility of local weather forecasts, poor weather can happen at unexpected times. Whether the issue is heavy wind, rain, or snow, bad weather is a major hindrance to outdoor weddings.

If possible, set up a nearby indoor venue as a bad weather backup plan. Another option is setting up some sizeable, sturdy tents. Unfortunately, tents aren’t the best for very severe weather, so having a more stable indoor venue in your back pocket is preferable.

Take Full Advantage of Available Space

Outdoor weddings should take full advantage of the space available. For instance, outdoor venues give hosts a chance to set up large-scale interactive wedding activities—from line dancing to oversized Connect Four and beyond. Sometimes, indoor venues simply don’t have the space to fit all of those activities, especially large yard games.

Additionally, give each area (dance floor, tables, photo booth, etc.) some room to breathe. Of course, you don’t want to spread everything obnoxiously far apart, but avoid cramming everything too close together. It’s a bit of a balancing act, but it’s worth perfecting. And be sure to spread everything out in a way that doesn’t interfere with social distancing guidelines if they’re still applicable by the time you’re reading this.

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