Tips for Planning the Best Couple’s Road Trip

Tips for Planning the Best Couple’s Road Trip


Couple’s road trips are both exciting and fun: it gives you a chance to get out and explore the beautiful world around you. And if you’re looking for the perfect adventure, then follow these tips for planning the best couple’s road trip! Remember that it’s all about having fun and spending quality time together.

Create a Game Plan Together

Before you can go anywhere, the two of you need a game plan on where you’re going to go, for how long, and more. You should make these decisions as a team. Other things to decide together include:

  • Budget: How much will you spend on food, souvenirs, etc.?
  • Site seeing: What sites will you see?
  • Rest stop schedule: How often will you stop during the trip?

And, of course, the two of you will need to decide what snacks you’re bringing! By working together, both of you ensure that the other feels heard. No one wants to go on a road trip where they do nothing that they’d hoped to do. A vacation is about making memories and bonding with your travel companions.

Prepare the Vehicle

Either look your vehicle over or bring it into an auto shop to make sure it’s up for the road trip. Likewise, if you plan to take an RV to have all the comforts of home, get your RV road-ready by evaluating the exterior and interior. If you notice any problems, get them fixed as soon as possible since the last thing you want is to wind up stranded on your vacation.

Avoid Overplanning

While there are many sites to see and places to visit, avoid overplanning. This tip for planning the best couple’s road trip makes this list because it’s so easy to over-plan, especially when you’re excited. But when the itinerary has back-to-back activities, a fun trip may become stressful.

To fit a variety of activities in, both of you may have to make sacrifices. It’s better to revisit a location later than over-plan. It’s hard to focus on the good times when you’re running from one activity to the next.

Stay in the Moment

And most importantly, stay in the moment! Pay attention to your partner and the beautiful world around you. This means putting your phone away and taking a minute to enjoy where you are.

A two-person road trip can get boring, so think of ways to end unwanted silence. You went on vacation to explore, so do that! Instead of playing on your phone, take on the role of DJ as your partner drives, or play a road trip game like trivia, “The Alphabet Game,” or something different. What’s important is that the two of you bond regardless of who’s driving—the drive is only part of the journey.

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