Tips for Packing for a Last-Minute Getaway

Tips for Packing for a Last-Minute Getaway


Don’t run away from spontaneity and serendipitous moments! Those are the times when you make the best memories. Everyone should indulge in a quick trip every now and then—one you had no idea you even needed to take. It sounds crazy and slightly stressful but that’s only because you haven’t read these tips for packing for a last-minute getaway yet.

Choose the Right Bag

A last-minute trip means last-minute packing, and your bag needs to accommodate all your needs. Calculate how many days you plan to stay there and how many items you need to bring along. You might have a strong urge to bring a big suitcase but sometimes less is more.

You’re better off choosing the smaller bag so you don’t go over the weight limit at the airport. However, a bigger suitcase is always the smarter option if this last-minute trip goes overseas. Choose the right bag based on the type of trip and your specific needs for the trip. Don’t pack for packing’s sake.

Check the Weather

You can’t know what clothes to bring if you don’t check the weather. Please do not assume your current location’s weather is universal if you’re traveling during the summertime. Climate change has shown us, the seasons adjust as they see fit and we must roll with the punches.

Watch that weather app and bring the correct clothes. Pack a couple of light sweaters, jackets, and closed-toe shoes in case the temperature drops at night or there is a chance of rain. It’s always better to be over-prepared than under.

Bring the Universal Clothing

On last-minute trips, it’s always better to choose clothes that work for just about every season and every event. Select the items in your closet that you know are universal and can work for a day outfit or an evening look. All you’ll need to do is dress them up or down.

Jumpsuits are the perfect year-round outfits. They go with every season and on most occasions. They’re quick and they don’t take up a lot of room. Bring a couple of these along to help cut back on the packing. You can make more room in your suitcase for shoes and souvenirs.

Have a TSA Drawer

Make this a general rule of thumb in your household. It’s always good to have a TSA drawer in your bathroom or bedroom. Having TSA-compliant bottles, jars, and other containers saves you from running to the store to buy all new travel-sized toiletries last minute. Don’t throw away toiletries from previous trips because they work for this exact purpose.

Visit the travel aisle when you go to the grocery store to stock up on your usual products. Select a few things here and there so you’re always ready to board a plane at the last minute. You eliminate the need to shop for toiletries when you reach your destination.

Packing for a last-minute getaway trip has never been easier and less stressful with our above guide. Where will chance take you?

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