Tips for Hosting a Small Home Garden Party

Tips for Hosting a Small Home Garden Party


Move those dinner and cocktail parties to a new location. The outdoors is better for everyone. The sun is shining, and there’s a slight breeze. Plus, outside always has better scenery. Before you plan your next event, check out these tips for hosting a small home garden party. You don’t need a big venue to have a great time.

Set the Scene

Setting the scene is crucial because it arranges the atmosphere and vibe for the entire event. Be sure to pick a stable place in the garden for your party table. After all, you don’t want your guests to lean one way or have the chair legs on shaky ground.

But don’t let the dinner table be the only place for guests to eat. Create relaxation stations throughout your yard and patio. You may need to dress up your deck decor to fit the theme of the garden party. You don’t need to break the bank to do this, either. There are many inexpensive ways to decorate your outdoor space, such as adding decorative pillows or area rugs.

Make Things Comfortable

Aside from having enough seating available for your guests, you need to also consider the elements. A party outside makes for a beautiful event, but it also invites some unwanted pests. No one wants to deal with a fly in their drink.

Consider serving cocktails inside jam or mason jars instead of regular glasses. This way, guests can put a lid on top of their drink and not worry about fanning bugs away. Additionally, provide as much shade as possible because those UV rays can be unforgiving. And keep a basket full of paper fans and blankets in case the days are too hot and the evenings get cool.

Create a Colorful Menu

Summer is a time for vibrant colors, and since the party is outside, you need to match the tones. Serve summer fruit with edible flowers. Include an impressive dessert table to wow everyone. For example, a nice summer tart with fresh berries and edible flowers immediately elevates your party.

Remember that good food doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. When the ingredients are fresh and seasonal, you just want to let them shine. Stop by your local farmers market and ask the vendors what’s good and how to prepare things. Diversify the color scheme so that guests will feel like they’re eating art.

Design a Signature Cocktail

Finally, every great garden party has its own signature cocktail. Guests need to leave the party with an anecdote to share, and discussing the drinks is a great one. Plus, this gives you a chance to show off your bartending skills.

Be sure to include seasonal fruit inside the cocktail. That will give the summertime flavor. For non-alcoholic drinks, consider something with lemon, fresh sprigs of mint, or lavender. Think about the type of alcoholic drinks your guests like and try to include them in the signature cocktail.

Follow these tips for hosting a small home garden party, and the festivities won’t seem so small after all.

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