Tips for Choosing the Right Dental Insurance for You

Tips for Choosing the Right Dental Insurance for You


Many people tend to forget the importance of dental insurance—our teeth are an essential part of our health! Because of this, not everyone knows and understands how to choose the right dental insurance. We know that reading the plans can be difficult, but we hope the tips below will help you make a suitable decision.

Know Which Dental Plans Are Available to You

There’s no one-fits-all for dental plans. There are three different types that you can purchase through a provider network or accrue through your workplace—HMO, PPO, and indemnity plans. There are a few things you need to know when shopping for dental insurance before purchasing a plan. In general, HMOs cover dentists within your coverage area, PPOs offer flexibility to use providers in and out of your network, and indemnity plans reimburse you a percentage of your bill after you pay it.


Try to get your dental insurance through your workplace to get a better deal on premiums and service fees. Plus, it can be convenient for you because the cost of the plan automatically deducts from your paycheck.

Find a Larger Network

The larger the network you can find in your insurance, the more options for dental providers you will have. Typically, a person sticks with the same dentists for all their needs, but you never know when yours might not be available or you don’t have time to see them at their office. Because of this, having a larger network will give you access to multiple providers specializing in different care types, such as cosmetic dental surgery, periodontal work, etc.

Consider Your Oral Hygiene Needs

Not everyone will require the same dental care, so choosing the right dental insurance plan for you might look different than that for the next person. One person might need preventative care with teeth cleanings, and the next person needs teeth extractions, root canals, dentures, and more. Consider your oral hygiene needs to better determine which type of insurance plan and coverage will benefit your situation the most.

Understand All Costs and What the Insurance Covers

Usually, all basic dental plans cover routine dental treatments. Before enrolling in a plan, take a look at what it will cover to ensure it will benefit you. Don’t forget to look through the fine print because there might be some limitations or stipulations for specific procedures or treatments, like waiting periods or an annual maximum limit. It’s also important to check if your dental provider is within your insurance network because if they aren’t, you will likely need to switch providers or pay out of pocket.

Look into as many details as possible about the insurance plan so that there are no surprises once you enroll. Understand how the deductibles work and if there’s a cap on the amount you can spend on services. Take your time going through the individual companies that offer dental insurance, and remember to try enrolling in a plan through your workplace to get the most bang for your buck.

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