Tips for Choosing Earrings as a Gift

Tips for Choosing Earrings as a Gift


Earrings make a fantastic gift for your special someone. They will appreciate that you took the time to buy a unique pair of earrings that match their style. You should know that a lot goes into selecting a pair of earrings. If you aren’t familiar with how to pick out earrings, this guide is for you. We’ll help you consider all the factors that you need to pick the perfect pair of earrings for your loved one. Here are some candid tips for choosing earrings as a gift.

Consider Their Face Shape

Face shape is a huge factor to consider when selecting earrings. This is because you need to choose earrings that compliment your loved one’s face shape. Here are some general rules to follow:

  • For round faces, try to find longer earrings that will add length to the face. Avoid circular earrings or hoops.
  • For square faces, hoop earrings and circular earrings will soften the jawline. It’s usually best to avoid elongated earrings or square earrings.
  • Stud earrings are perfect for any face shape, so you don’t need to worry about whether they’ll suit someone’s face.

Work With Their Wardrobe

What kind of clothes does the person you’re giving the earrings to wear usually? Do they already wear earrings? If so, what type are they? These are all questions you should ask yourself when picking out a pair of earrings. Also, you should pay close attention to their wardrobe, as it can help you make a choice. If they favor purple, then purple earrings are a natural choice, for instance.

Think About Their Lifestyle

If the person you’re buying earrings for has a hectic job that involves lots of physical activity, go with studs that won’t snag. Conversely, if your loved one is a stay-at-home artist who values creativity, you can select more decorative earrings. It’s crucial to consider the types of activities your recipient will be doing in their earrings.

What Are Their Interests?

Knowing someone’s interests can also help you select ideal earrings. Let’s say that your wife or girlfriend loves dolphins. They have a lot of dolphin-themed clothing and love going to Sea World. Well, a pair of dolphin earrings would probably make them happy. When shopping for earrings, think about what your recipient is interested in the most. There are lots of specialized earrings that feature animals, shapes, hobbies, and more.

So those are our tips for choosing earrings as a gift. Use this guide to select a pair of wonderful earrings for your special someone!

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