The Best US Skiing Destinations During the Spring

The Best US Skiing Destinations During the Spring


When you think of snowy winter sports, you may also think of the winter months. You cherish the times you can ski with family and friends. Although it’s no longer the winter season, you can still find time to ski! Read about the best US skiing destinations to visit during the spring.

Killington, Vermont

If you want to ski out east, perhaps you should visit Killington in Vermont. Known as the “Beast of the East,” the months of March and April in Killington produce some of the best snow for skiing. The large amounts of packed snow make this area the ideal destination for skiing in the east.

The resort is traditionally open through May. If you live nearby or plan to take a ski trip in the spring, you have a few months to fully enjoy everything Killington, Vermont, has to offer.

Vail, Colorado

The combination of ample soft snow and warmer weather in Vail, CO, creates the ideal skiing weather! As April comes to an end, the skiing season in Vail will also end. Therefore, it’s crucial to visit before the season is up.

The incredible conditions in Vail are unbelievable, from amazing springtime events to sunny and snowy days on the slopes. If you haven’t had the chance to experience skiing in Colorado in the spring, it’s one of the best destinations you must add to your list.

Keystone, Colorado

The beauty of skiing in Colorado in the spring is undeniable. This time of year boasts fewer crowds than the winter months. You can also enjoy various events, restaurants, and, of course, ample time for skiing! With three mountain peaks and an average of roughly 235 inches of snowfall each season, you’ll have plenty of trails to try.

The skiing season ends near the middle of April. Since it’s a region that doesn’t receive as much snowfall as others, it cannot remain open for long. However, the length of the season doesn’t take away from the beauty of the destination!

Mammoth Mountain in California

You might think the warm spring weather would cause fresh snowfall to come to a halt. At Mammoth Mountain in California, the level of snowfall never falters.

The skiing season at Mammoth Mountain lasts longer than most ski resorts in the US! Typically, the location will close in late May or toward the middle of June.

The snow continues to fall onto the mountain, creating gorgeous mounds of powder ideal for skiing. The mountain’s high elevation and 3,500 acres offer ample terrain to explore.

Camelback Mountain in Pennsylvania

Take a trip to the Poconos this year and discover the allure of skiing on Camelback Mountain. With nearly 40 trails to venture into, you can spend all day on the slopes!

Perhaps you’d like to bring your family and allow your children to try skiing for the first time? Or maybe you want to test your skiing skills? Traditionally, Camelback Mountain ends its season around March or the beginning of April. Be sure to schedule a time to venture through this amazing destination!

Although skiing in the spring means warmer weather, there are still several reasons to cover your face in cold temperatures. You need several warm layers to protect all parts of your skin from the cold. While it may feel warmer in the city, it’s still especially cold on the slopes this time of year.

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