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During my trip to California a few weeks ago, one of the few things I wanted to do while I was there was shop at boutiques around town.  I love boutiques because they are unique and only sell a certain amount of each product in their store, so basically what you buy not everyone can too.  My friend who I visited lives in North Hollywood, and we ventured out to a cute little town nearby called Studio City, which has by the way many boutique shops, delicious restaurants, and wonderful people; I fell right in love.

This area was exactly what I was looking for, and while we were shopping store to store, I came across this adorable, small boutique called William B + Friends on Ventura Blvd.  As we walked in the store, I immediately found a few items that I wanted to try on, and on top of that the friendly sales people greeted us and were very helpful the entire time.  Fortunately for us, they had a nice sale going on in the back, and I can never go wrong with sales so I tried on a few items from there, one in particular that I fell in love with was this suede nude dress (that also comes in black).  It was a unique boutique find, BINGO!  I don’t have much nude of anything, so this was perfect.  The front area is the only part that is suede.  Perfect look for work, or a nice dinner.

I wore this dress with my animal print wedge booties, gold watch, and black blazer.  

Photography by: Marc Anderson
I definitely would go back to this store next time I am in town.  The sales people were helpful, nice, and overall just wonderful people!  If you find yourself in Studio City I recommend you check this place out.  They are located on 12206 Ventura Blvd.  They have a few other locations as well.
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Have a good New Years!! 

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