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“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” –Marilyn Monroe

Stilettos, pumps, mules, flats…I have to admit- I might have a slight shoe-obsession!  Throughout these past years, I have gradually grown my shoe collection; you just can’t have enough of them.

Expensive or inexpensive shoes; sometimes I wished I took better care of them.  Some of my shoes have shorter lives than others easily, and I have been meaning to take time to research and find shoe-care brands, but never came around to doing it.

Recently I was contacted by a brand called Solemates, a brand of shoe care accessories created specifically for women.  Five years ago, Solemates introduced their first ever product called Solemates High Heeler, a product that prevents high heels from sinking into the grass.  How clever is that?  I find that the heel cap on my heels always tend to get ruined the fastest, and isn’t always the most attractive.

Solematesalso sells other great products for shoes such as the Blister Blocking Balm, an Anti-bacterial Shoe Freshening Spray, a Leather/Suede/Fabric Protector, Shoe Cushions, and a Shoe Buff.  Solemates products elevate the experience of caring for your shoes.

Upon reviewing the products, I was super excited as the packaging was neatly packed in a box filled with goodies to try!  Thus far, I really recommend Solemates to try!  The high heeler definitely has kept my heels from sinking into the grass, and has saved my heel caps from getting dirty and ruined!  I also really recommend the shoe cushions, as they help support your foot when wearing shoes, reduces blisters, and prevents heels from sliding in and out.  

Whether you have plans to go to a wedding, an event, or any activity that requires long hours of standing, I would really comsider Solemates.  The best part is Solemate’s products are very affordable, prices ranging from $10-$25, combined packages are available for a great deal as well.  How can you go wrong with that?


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