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Do you ever feel bloated, tired, or overall feel like you’re not losing any weight? I do; and it seems to be a never ending struggle. Yes, I diet, yes I exercise, but my biggest issue is feeling bloated all the time. In addition to regular exercise and healthy eating, I have resulted in trying a handful of detoxes and none of them seemed to work, therefore it has left me feeling super hopeless.

Recently, I was presented with a new detoxing tea called NW Detox; a tea that uses all natural, organic herbs to eliminate toxins and keep you feeling fresh. To be honest, given my previous detox experiences, I was a bit hesitant at first because well- I have not had a positive experience yet but after reading the reviews of this product, I decided to give it a try.

I’ll start off by saying that I was sent these products to review, but that’s never influenced me to review things a certain way.. And you will find my honest opinion on my blog no matter what! J

So let’s begin…

NW Detox comes as a 14-day supply but is recommended to do a full 30 day detox to see better results. This particular tea is enhanced with a probiotic called Ganeden BC30. Basically a probiotic that reduces bloating and gas and even abdominal pain, in addition to helping people digest food better. As a result, it overall helps to increase your energy and improve weight-loss.

After reading this product’s description and reviews, I was super excited to get it started. The shipment was quite fast, especially if you have Amazon Prime, which I don’t and still received the product within 2-3 days. The tea package states to have 1 cup every morning each day; which is what I did, but also on some days had the tea before bed as well.

What about taste? Jitterness?

So any time I do some kind of detox, it’s always a scary thought – “will this tea/drink taste good?” I was in for a surprise, when opening the bag, it was a very strong scent (which I’m not going to lie wasn’t my favorite), but when warming it up and taking a sip- I found it to taste good! You can add a squeeze of lemon or honey to enhance the taste, but with this tea it is definitely not needed! J

As for the case of the jitters – it’s definitely non-existent! This was the first thing I had every morning, and throughout the day I never experienced any anxiousness. In fact it did the exact opposite and I noticed a difference in my energy level without any of the negative effects that other products such as coffee may give you. Also side note, {TMI) but if you have problems “going”, this tea helps you go at least once every morning. And a double plus is that it won’t leave you sitting in the toilet all day long if you know what I mean… lol.


You can get this 14-day supply detox for only $24.95 with free shipping on orders over $49. So if you want to see better results, I would recommend ordering two of these packets which will result in free shipping and handling.


We all know that these effects are only temporarily; but in general you shouldn’t be doing detoxes often, as it’s not best for your body. To continue seeing results, the best way is exercise and watching what you eat!!! I usually do detoxes when I have been eating horribly and want to get rid of all the toxins in my body.


I started seeing results shortly after a few weeks in! I noticed a change in my energy and felt great throughout the day! I felt less heavy – as I did not feel as bloated as I did prior to trying this detox. I enjoyed this tea very much, and I definitely will consider using it in the near future again. Please note, while using this tea I was eating healthier and exercising at least 2-3x a week, therefore results could affect you differently if you are not doing the above as well.

So would I recommend it?

Out of all the other detoxes I have tried, NW Detox has shown to work for me. It may or may not have a different effect on you, but overall it’s definitely a detox to give a go. J

So are you ready to start your detox? Purchase it here!

What are your thoughts on detoxes, have you found any that have proven to work? Leave any comments below I am always up for trying new ones!



* Products received for review purposes. Opinions 100% my own and 100% honest, as always! *

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