Reasons Why Adults Are Building Rock Collections

Reasons Why Adults Are Building Rock Collections


Some childhood hobbies last a lifetime. An interest in rocks can come from what you casually find hiking in the woods or high-stakes eBay trading. These are a sampling of the reasons why adults are building rock collections.

For a Love of Science

They may have started their collections as kids, learning about the history of the Earth from rocks that can be billions of years old. Maybe they still have their first geode, a nondescript rock they cracked open to reveal a brilliant array of amethyst riches. Rocks can teach you about the evolving environment or crystalline structure and chemical compositions. You might develop an interest in fossils or minerals. Collecting rocks is a hobby that can go in countless directions.

For Souvenirs

Many travelers bring home a physical reminder of the lands they’ve visited. Sometimes, the destination is famous for its gems, or a mineral can only come from a certain part of the world. You can even devote your vacation to rock hunting: dig at the Emerald Hollow Mine in North Carolina or try your luck at the Royal Peacock Opal Mine in Nevada. On most travelers’ wish lists? A moon rock, of course.

For Jewelry

As jewelry lovers become more informed about the business, they learn to invest in spectacular stones at gem shows and conventions. By custom-designing around a jewel, they can save thousands of dollars and end up with one-of-a-kind, dazzling pieces. A passion for collecting semiprecious gemstones and crystals might lead you to a new career selling handmade jewelry. You can craft bracelets and baubles for gifts or finish off your outfit with your own statement pieces.

For Interior Design

Incorporating natural elements into your décor is a major interior design trend, but your rock collection will always give your surroundings a boost. You can display them in a curio case or arrange them as a centerpiece. Stack some smooth river stones for Zen chic or use a couple of colorful specimens as bookends. You can even buy artisan furniture made out of rocks, like a coffee table created from an enormous slab of agate.

For Good Vibes

The belief that rocks have specific energies goes back centuries. Ancient Egyptians used rocks in amulets for protection and health. Rocks are still popularly used in the practice of feng shui to create a balance between your home and the natural world. But one of the biggest reasons why so many adults are building rock collections? Everyone can use a little good luck. Celebrities swear by the healing power of crystals, touting rose quartz for attracting love and Tiger’s Eye for courage. If you ask someone about the favorite rocks from their collection, don’t be surprised if they keep them in their pockets.

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