Popular Materials To Create Workout Clothing

Popular Materials To Create Workout Clothing


Workout wear has been evolving for decades. Manufacturers and designers find new fabrics to produce comfortable pieces for consumers to wear. Are you wondering what the popular materials to create workout clothing are? Look for the following fabrics when searching for new athletic wear.


This durable synthetic material is incredibly popular for many of the athletic wear items you see on the shelves. The stretchy fabric provides moisture-wicking properties but is not as moisture-wicking as other materials. Nylon is remarkable at stretch recovery, which is why people gravitate toward the fabric for leggings and other workout clothing.


Lightweight. Breathable. Airy. All three words can describe cotton. Many manufacturers and designers combine the natural fabric with other synthetic materials. You can find 100 percent cotton clothing and workout items on the market because it is breathable.

It’s best to wear cotton for activities where you don’t sweat a lot. Cotton isn’t known for moisture-wicking properties. In fact, it holds on to moisture, which can make your cotton workout gear heavy.


Spandex, also known as Lycra, has been at the top of the workout clothing game for decades. It revolutionized the workout clothing game in the 1980s, and we haven’t looked back since. The material is remarkably heat resistant and extraordinarily stretchy. One could argue that it’s the most flexible of all the elastic fabrics.

There’s no need to worry about spandex losing its shape after wear. It will quickly shrink back to its original condition after a day or night of wear. Spandex is efficient at keeping you cool due to its moisture-wicking capabilities. Another great aspect of spandex is how quickly it dries. This quality makes it the premier choice for workouts during the hot summer.


Another common material for workout clothing is polyester. This lightweight and durable fabric creates the perfect blend for athletic wear, jackets, and more. Wear it during high-intensity workouts to keep you dry and cool.

Look for these materials as you’re out shopping for new workout clothing, or choose the above fabrics if you’re interested in sewing pieces yourself. Ensure you understand how to sew stretchy materials because it’s a bit tricker. Happy working out!

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