Once Upon an Engagement Ring

Once upon a time, two people fell in love and they decided to get married. Fast forward to today and that is you. You are now in the position where you want to buy an engagement ring for your partner, and you have no idea where to begin. Choosing an engagement ring required just a few questions once upon a time, such as whether you’d want a Princess or an emerald cut, or whether you’d want platinum or white gold. 

It’s a little bit more complicated these days, especially when you consider that there is more than one collection, Such as the Lee Michaels jewelry selection to choose from. Buying an engagement ring is a monumental purchase and you should know that the choice that you make today is going to impact you and your partner for the remaining time you have together. So with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the tips to make this purchase an easy one.

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  • Don’t get caught up in the trends. Engagement rings should be timeless, but they should also be individual to the wearer. It’s a classic symbol of your love that is everlasting. So the goal should be to find the stone that matches your fiancee and the color that matches them, too. Take a look at his or her current jewelry style and decide whether they are a gold or platinum person. Are they a minimal jewelry person or do they like to wear statement pieces? Look at their current style to help inform you on how to pick the piece that they’ll want to wear every day for the rest of their lives. 
  • There is no such thing as perfection. Most people look for the 4C ‘s when they are choosing their engagement ring. They look for color, cut, clarity, and carat. These are important decisions to make and pay attention to. However, you should consider that not every stone is going to be perfect, but neither is your relationship because no relationship is. You have to go with the ring that means the most and that isn’t always going to be the most perfect or expensive.
  • In this case, size doesn’t always matter. The size of the diamond doesn’t matter unless your fiance thinks it does. You shouldn’t have to go big or go home because you’ve got to remember they have to wear this ring for the rest of their lives. Ideally. It doesn’t have to be a showy ring, and unless they are somebody who is very much for appearances, you should choose something that makes sense for your relationship and not just what the celebrity magazines tell you to buy.

Choose sustainability. Knowing where the stone and the metal came from is so important. When you are choosing an engagement ring, you should make sure that you know exactly where the jewelry is coming from so that you can have a story behind it. Sustainability is important, too, so that you know your ring is an ethical make.

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