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Push yourself, no one is going to do it for you.” I recently just got back from a quick trip to my hometown, Chicago. Part of the reason why I have been quiet here lately, so I am sorry for that! During my trip, I finally had a chance to check out a fitness boutique called Lateral Fitness in the River North area. I heard good things about this gym and couldn’t wait to try it out.

I am into being healthy and staying fit, but truthfully when I visit home or go on vacation, I easily tend to fall off my routine, eat really bad and make up excuses not to go to the gym. I mean, don’t we all? Though, this time around, I stayed motivated, and thanks to Erik of Lateral Fitness for helping me stay on track. 🙂
Although I didn’t get to fit in more classes during my stay, I still had the opportunity to train with the Co-Founder, Erik Marthaler and attend one of his 30 minute HIIT classes,
Upon arrival, I felt very welcomed, everyone was extremely nice and professional. The environment was very clean, and though it is a smaller gym, it wasn’t overcrowded or overwhelming. They offered towels (some studios don’t) and there was a locker room to change in (which BTW is SO CLEAN >> and is something very important to me when signing up for a gym). 
Erik was great. The training was very useful/helpful because he showed me workouts I can easily do on my own (since I don’t live in Chicago anymore).
Then, a few days later, I attended a class called, “QuickFit,” which is a 30 minute circuit training class that uses free weights, weight machines and cardio bursts in timed intervals. This is a great class for those who want to fit in a quick workout during their lunch breaks or busy schedules! I gotta say this class was quite intense-ish but totally doable. Come if you want to break a sweat! Maybe it would have helped if I ate a bit more before coming. Eek! :-X

Overall, Lateral Fitness was a great studio to work out at! If you don’t want to commit to this gym, but try it out, you can also try it with ClassPass! Not only is this a gym for working out, but they have a wide range of classes worth checking out, some include, Pilates, Yoga, Boot Camp and Barre. Check out their schedule here.
Lateral Fitness is located on 314 West Superior, Chicago, IL 60654
Until next time, what are your favorite Chicago or LA Fitness Boutiques?

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