Mistakes Guys Make When Dressing Up

Mistakes Guys Make When Dressing Up


There’s nothing egregiously wrong with being a guy that doesn’t care much for clothing, but the trends certainly seem to be changing, with more and more men watching how they look. If you’ve never really given a thought to the types of clothes you wear, the idea of putting together a formal outfit may be a little intimidating. Whether you need it for a party or a business meeting, we’ll take you through some of the mistakes guys make when dressing up so that you can avoid them.

Not Knowing What Dress Codes Mean

If you’re going to an event or meeting with a dress code, you had better know what it means unless you want to look out of place. Here are a few of the most common dress codes and their general guidelines:

  • Business Formal – Requires a full suit, preferably one with a neutral color and pattern on your shirt and tie.
  • Business Casual – To be safe, stick to formal clothes. No bright colors. A suit jacket with no tie or a tie with no suit jacket.
  • Smart Casual – Khakis and a button-up shirt. A formal sweatshirt. No tie necessary.
  • Black-Tie – Usually for weddings, it requires a full suit or tuxedo. Black tie, white shirt, and no patterns.

Dressing Too Comfortably

Usually, what this means is that your suit or formal clothes don’t actually fit you properly. While it shouldn’t be so tight that it’s hard to move, you also shouldn’t be swimming in your suit jacket. If you are going to be wearing formal clothes a lot, a tailored suit is essential to looking good. Your pants also need to be well-fitting and not overly loose or baggy.

Being Too Loud

When it’s time to get dressed up for something, a lot of guys will go above and beyond the dress code and, instead, try to stand out with certain pieces. You have to be extremely careful with this; if the event is very formal, you can look obnoxious by wearing something too bright or with a loud pattern. Stick to more neutral tones and patterns until you get a feel for when it’s appropriate to go all-out.

Forgetting the Little Things

Some of the most common mistakes guys make when dressing up involve the small details. Some of the worst offenders are:

  • Wearing shoes that don’t match the rest of the outfit
  • Wearing too much jewelry
  • Not managing long hair well
  • Wearing sunglasses made for sports
  • Not having a classy wristwatch

Minutiae like these may seem too small to matter, but the devil is in the details. You’ll want to be sure that you address at least some of these issues before you head out.

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