Meet Daniella – a Solo Nomadic Traveler and Hypnotherapist from Brazil!

Meet our next Pathways Unscripted guest, Daniella, a 29-year-old Brazilian on a journey of self-discovery and healing as a hypnotherapist. Her roots trace back to the vibrant landscapes of Brazil, but these days, you can find her embracing the nomadic lifestyle, fueled by a passion career in Hypnotherapy.

1. Dani, we’re intrigued by your work in Hypnotherapy! Could you dive into what it involves, what sparked its creation, and the aspirations for its future? 

Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic approach that involves the use of hypnosis to induce a state that is a good mixture of deep relaxation, increased suggestibility, and focused attention. In this state, a trained therapist provides tailored suggestions to help address specific concerns, such as overcoming fears, and emotional blocks, managing pain, or breaking habits.

  • Creation:

The Search for Freedom

Tired of living stuck to so many mental bonds and seeing so many people suffering from it, I embarked on a journey of self-knowledge in New Zealand to reconnect with myself and find the necessary answers to free myself. After more than 1 month in total silence, alone in the middle of nature, I discovered the power of presence and healing by reconnecting with nature, allowing the feeling of a free and connected life with the true self.

Beginning of Hipnose Despertar

I still remember the relief of freeing my mind and the feeling of happiness as if I were seeing myself as I really am for the first time. The desire to share with the world all our internal power of transformation was immense, and that’s where the dream of becoming a hypnotherapist was born. I completed my training in hypnotherapy in New Zealand from 2019 – 2020.

Hipnose Despertar Journey

Since then, I created Hipnose Despertar and I have been traveling through various parts of the world, learning about the human mind through the eyes of people from different cultures, carrying out different formations, and helping people from all over the world to transform themselves so that together we can make a better world.

Today we have already served people from 20 different countries and there are already more than 400 successful cases. The Hipnose Despertar community has been growing and spreading more and more the love for life and the desire to transform the world from the inside out. 

2. Where do you think your spiritual journey first began? What does spirituality mean to you?

My spiritual journey began in New Zealand, at the beginning of an awakening of consciousness.

To me, we are all spiritual beings, and that means everything is connected in some way. Spirituality is the transformative experience of recognizing and celebrating the intrinsic connection we share with everything in the universe.

By embracing spirituality, I realize that every interaction, whether with nature, others, or myself, is an opportunity to nurture this connection. It’s as if I can touch divinity in the little everyday things, finding the sacred dance of life in every smile, every tear, and every shared breath.

3. Since our platform thrives in uplifting minorities – we want to know how being a minority has influenced your solo travel and entrepreneur experiences, and are there specific moments that stand out in shaping your perspective on cultural diversity and inclusion during your journeys?

Being a minority has significantly influenced both my solo travel and entrepreneurial experiences, acting as a catalyst for personal growth and shaping my perspective on cultural diversity and inclusion. Traveling solo, especially since 2018, has been more than just exploring new places; it has been a profound journey of self-discovery and empowerment. As a minority traveler, I’ve faced and overcome challenges that have strengthened my flexibility, self-confidence, and sense of freedom.

Amid these personal transformations, my travels have become a series of discoveries, not just of new places but also of facets of my own identity. It was during these journeys that I unearthed my dream of becoming a hypnotherapist, a realization that has become the cornerstone of my entrepreneurial endeavors. The road, in all its diversity and challenges, has given me the space to connect with my true self and unveil the entrepreneurial spirit within me.

Specific moments stand out vividly in my memory, where cultural diversity became a source of inspiration and insight. Interactions with people from different backgrounds have not only enriched my understanding of the world but have also shaped my commitment to promoting inclusivity. These beautiful moments, whether through shared stories or collaborative ventures with fellow entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities, have reinforced the importance of diverse perspectives in both travel and entrepreneurship.

In essence, being a minority traveler has magnified the impact of my journeys, transforming them into a continuous exploration of self and a celebration of cultural diversity. The lessons learned and the connections forged along the way have become invaluable assets in my entrepreneurial pursuits, making me appreciate the profound influence of being a minority in the realms of travel and business.

4. How has your solo travel and digital nomad journey intertwined with your spiritual beliefs, and in what ways has it influenced your personal and professional growth as an entrepreneur?

I always believe that we all have all the power within ourselves, we are all children of the creator, which makes us co-creators in this life. In this way, I have never been satisfied with less than what I want and can be, I have always faced challenges to evolve on this journey, and I have always been certain in my heart that I am protected in everything I do. These beliefs have certainly always led me to explore outside of my comfort zone and discover myself. My dream has always been to be an entrepreneur in the field of hypnotherapy and be able to continue traveling the world. And that’s why I found my own way, I tried to become the best in online services, and use the available tools to my advantage. Seeing each challenge as an opportunity is what made me successful as an entrepreneur.

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