Learn to Let Go: What to Do When You Struggle to Relax

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When you need to relax, there’s nothing more maddening than someone telling you to “just relax”. Relaxing might come easily to some people, but many find that it’s easier said than done. Switching off and relaxing, even when you have time to do it, can be really hard to do. Even though you want to unwind and forget your troubles, shutting off your brain and convincing your body to relax can actually take some effort. If your mind refuses to let you relax, you might need a little help achieving your goal. Try these tips if you want to let go and allow yourself to unwind.

Try a Relaxing Aid

Some people find that all they need to help them relax is a little help from something. This could be a recreational substance, but it could equally just be a hot bath, some chocolate, or some really good music. If you want something to help you relax without altering your state of mind, try looking at the hemp flower range from 25 Hour Farms. Hemp contains CBD, so it can help you to let go of any tension you might be holding, but it has very low levels of THC, meaning it won’t get you high.

Get Some Exercise

Relaxing doesn’t have to mean lying back and closing your eyes. A lot of people find it relaxing to be more active. Exercise gives you the chance to work out some of your frustrations. You can put your muscles through their paces, or you might choose to do something a little more gentle like going for a walk. After you’ve exercised, you can find it easier to unwind too. Your body will feel tired and you might feel that your mind is quieter at the same time. Try a workout or some sort of physical activity to help you let go of stress and tension.

Use Some Relaxation Techniques

There are all kinds of techniques you can use to get your mind and body to relax. If you want to release some tension from your body, you could try progressive muscle relaxation. This involves tightening and releasing one muscle group at a time, from your head to your toes. As you release each muscle, you can find that you feel much more relaxed. There are also breathing exercises you can use to deal with stress, or you might find that you benefit from visualization exercises.

Get Your Thoughts Out

If it’s difficult for you to stop stressing and worrying, getting your thoughts out can be really helpful. You could choose to do this out loud, perhaps with a therapist or a friend or relative who’s prepared to listen to you vent. If you’d rather keep your thoughts to yourself, you can try using a diary or journal to write down your thoughts. This can be a great way to externalize all your thoughts, think through some tough matters, and free up some space in your mind.

It’s not unusual to struggle to relax, but there are things you can do if you want to unwind.

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