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IPO New Urban Cuisine located in the W Chicago City Center invited Windy City Bloggers to wine and dine at their lovely restaurant yesterday evening. The menu items were featured by Executive Chef Fernando Coppola. Chef Coppola’s cooking style gravitates towards simple, unadulterated flavors, bringing to the table his love for seafood, fresh in-season ingredients and organic produce.

Before dinner, the Mixologist prepared a little drink demonstration for us to watch. She demonstrated three different drinks, and we had a chance to try some samples!

My favorite out of the three was this milk shake type drink, it reminded me of fall/winter weather, which is appropriate for this time around! After drinking and mingling, the staff guided us to our tables and the dinner began.
The menu featured 5 different items, which all were delicious. I am a huge fan of seafood, so this coursed meal was very satisfying. My favorite course was the lobster ravioli.
hamachi crudo

arugula & chorizo salad

farro risotto

maine lobster ravioli

chilean sea bass confit

More pictures from the event:

For this event, I wore my red peplum dress, which is a great piece to wear to work, and can be easily worn for a night out for drinks/dinner. I bought this dress last summer at Love 21, but here are a few similar dresses like it.
Red Peplum

first dress. second dress. third dress.
I wore this dress with my black flats, but if I were to wear heels, I would wear a pointy black or nude heel.
Here are alternative outfit ideas you can wear to dinner parties.
Dinner Party 3

Dinner Party 2

Each look is a bit different but work well to wear to any dinner party you decide to attend! What do you guys think? What would you guys wear to dinner?
Thank you IPO for welcoming us, it was a pleasure, had a wonderful time!
Until next time Lovelies,
Fancy Nancista

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