How To Throw the Perfect “Goodbye Summer” Party

How To Throw the Perfect “Goodbye Summer” Party


All good things come to an end and the summer season is no exception. Whether you’ve made the most out of the sun at the beach or took an adventure, you hate to see summer go. For that reason, a festive sendoff is in order until the next time you get to bask in the sunlight. Here’s how you can throw the perfect “goodbye summer” party that will appropriately end your season.

Pick the Right Spot and Theme

While your backyard is the ideal place to host a summer bash, consider what you’d like guests to do and have access to while you have them over. Maybe have guests bring a swimsuit and towel for the last pool party of the season.

If the festivities are an all-day affair, consider switching up by adding a pool dance floor cover to allow your party guests the ultimate experience. Add some lights, and you now have room for a summer dance-off.

Bring Out the Grill and Drinks

Of course, you can’t have a summer event without the food and beverages! Keep in mind that the simpler the meal, the easier it is to make, thus allowing you to spend time with guests. Always keep in mind that people can bring food or beverages of their choice to add options to the menu.

Don’t Shy Away From Party Favors

Party favors bring the fun and are great for a younger crowd. You can scatter them around the party as fabulous finds for younger guests to find as part of a scavenger hunt.

Have a Selfie-Friendly Area for Guests

People love celebrations, and the selfies prove it! Consider setting up an area near a wall or other photographable spot outside for yourself and your guests to take your best shots.

Enjoy Yourself

Above all, don’t forget to enjoy yourself! You might host the party, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend that time stressing over the grill. Take your break, kick your feet up, and send off summer in the most fantastic way.

Just because the summer season is close to its end doesn’t mean the party has to end. Use these tips to learn how to throw the perfect “goodbye summer” party for an exciting last hoorah.

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