How To Style a Cardigan in the Springtime

How To Style a Cardigan in the Springtime


Spring is an unpredictable season. The mornings are bitterly cold, but the afternoons are oddly hot and humid.

That’s why cardigans come in handy. They’re versatile garments when you need an outfit that changes with the temperatures on spring days. Read more about how to style a cardigan in the springtime to advance your fashion.

A Button-Down Cardigan Paired With a Sundress

This is the time to let your style shine! Sundresses come in various patterns and colors. The trick is choosing the right cardigan to complement the dress.

Cropped button-down cardigans are the best for this type of outfit. And neutral cardigan colors pair well with a wildly patterned dress. Black, beige, white, and ivory will avoid overpowering the pattern.

On the opposite side, perhaps you want the cardigan to be the outfit’s focal point. In this case, the dress should have a minimal design and more neutral tones. Maybe it’s a textured sundress that needs a little flair. Incorporate bold springtime colors, such as lavender, yellow, baby blue, and rosy pink.

A Cardigan With Overalls or Shortalls

Spring is a blend of sunshine and a brisk breeze. Sometimes you need a good balance of coverage and breathable clothing. Whether you’re styling the classic pair of overalls or a pair of shortalls for hotter spring days, cardigans are fashionable additions.

Underneath the overalls or shortalls, wear your favorite graphic tee, striped short-sleeve shirt, or crop top. If you’re searching for a pop of color, the top underneath is the place to incorporate it.

Overalls are typically blue, black, or white. To contrast the color, choose a white or black chunky cardigan to finish the outfit. A heavier cardigan material at hip or thigh length will pair perfectly with the thick overall and shortall materials.

A Cardigan With Bright-Colored Jeans

Cardigans are a piece of western fashion you can wear anywhere! People popularly pair them with classic denim jeans. But what if you switched up the tradition and styled a cardigan with bright-colored jeans?

When styling cardigans in the springtime, it’s all about pastel hues and dressing brightly. Find one of your favorite multicolored cardigans and pick one color in the pattern that would work as the denim color. The use of the same color in the top and bottom feels cohesive and prevents an overwhelming feeling.

A Comfy yet Chic Cardigan Look

Not every outfit has to be incredibly dressy. Some days, you want to look good but feel comfortable, too.

While cardigans mostly pair well with jeans, you can wear them with linen trousers. It gives a coastal aesthetic while retaining the loungey feeling you’re after.

The most common colors of linen pants are white and ivory. Nevertheless, don’t shy away from experimenting with colors! Try black, gray, olive green, or pastel blue. Pair the pants with a comfortable solid-colored tee and, of course, a cardigan.

With this look, a light, flowy cardigan is the ideal choice. Find one that sits at the mid-thigh region or the knees. It supports the airy style of linen trousers.

Lastly, think about the color scheme. Perhaps you want to try a monochromatic look by matching each element exactly. Or maybe you want to contrast the colors with a white top, black linen pants, and a gorgeous light blue cardigan that flows in the wind.

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