How to Stay Warm but Chic in the Winter

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Just last week some of my blogger friends and I took a little road trip up north to a tiny town called Frazier Park where we did a fun winter photo shoot. During the winter months, this little town isn’t your typical warm kind of city; in fact, it’s actually far from that, it’s probably the closest place for snow play in the Los Angeles area.

Snow, you wonder? Yes, snow! Who knew snow even existed so close to the LA area! If you live in the central area of LA, you can get to Frazier Park in less than an hour and a half, and on the plus side the drive to get there is absolutely beautiful, as you drive through a valley flanked by mountain peaks.

I’ll have to admit, snow doesn’t faze me, growing up and living in the Midwest for the majority of my life, I’m so used to seeing snow, however, it actually was kind of cool knowing that if for some reason you are craving a little change in climate, it is only just an hour or so away. It also was kind of nice, changing up my styles, since I feel like most of my blogger outfits nowadays only showcase summery wear. 

Living in the Midwest where the majority of the time it’s cold, layering is something you naturally know how to do. Yes, big coats and lots and lots of layers; sometimes staying warm is far way more important than looking cute. However, if you’re like me, and want to stay cute no matter what degrees it is, here are a few tips on what you can do:

Find a warm but chic coat.
There are plenty of different sizes, styles and printed coats out there for you to choose from. Whether you want a typical big puffy ankle length coat, a cool and chic moto jacket, a wool belted wrap coat or a double breasted peacoat; pick one that suits you the best.

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Wear a jacket/blazer underneath your coat.
I mean – if you’re located in the areas where it can sometimes get down to 10 degrees or colder; any kind of extra thick layer that fits under your coat will help. If you choose to wear a less warm coat, layering it with another jacket will definitely help you stay warm.

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Wear it with a cozy and thick turtleneck.
I love me a good warm and cozy turtleneck, if you’re not too fond of them, a nice sweater would do too. Turtle necks or sweaters are a must staple piece for these cold wintery days, not to mention they match with everything!

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Style with a pair of skinny jeans, leggings or high waisted pant.
Any of those above can easily get tucked in with your favorite pair of boots.

Get chic with a pair of OTKs.
These boots are my favorite! They make any outfit look like you actually tried to get dressed that morning. On the plus side they almost always match with just about anything! And if you decide to wear a dress during the winter, no problem, your OTKs cover just slightly above your knees.

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Lastly, finish your chic winter look with some warm accessories. Like a beanie, hat, wool scarf and leather gloves.
For today’s look, I chose to wear my favorite blue plaid coat as my main focused piece while styling pieces that go well with it. While keeping the same color palette, I wore my blue pant and blazer suit and gray turtleneck underneath. Styled with this gray color block scarf wrap and a faux fur vegan clutch, these pieces give a slight unique touch to this wintery kind of look.

Finally, finish the look with some chic leather gloves and a pair of your favorite boots or flats! (I don’t own any boots currently, but would recommend wearing a cute pair of booties or gray boots to wear in the snow).

Photography by Samira of Style Me Samira

How do you stay chic in the winter time?



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Forever 21 Coat (old) {similar – here/here} || Blue Pant {similar}
Blue Blazer {similar} || Leather Gloves {similar}

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