How To Match Dresses With Accessories

How To Match Dresses With Accessories


Choosing accessories can be a very tricky thing. It’s so easy to get hung up on our routine jewelry that we forget to change and choose pieces for an event. How to match dresses with accessories is an essential life skill for anyone. It’s the difference between looking great and looking like you threw on whatever was at hand.

Matching Thoughtfully

The first way to accessorize well with your dresses is, simply, to match. For a green dress, choose earthy accents, for instance.

A good way to ensure your accessories stand out is to choose pieces that are brighter or darker tones of the same color. Different finish surfaces help as well. Even a leaf necklace of a similar color to your green dress will stand out if it’s a shiny glass or metallic.

When To Add Texture

The texture is another detail that can make or break an outfit. The rule of thumb is don’t match texture for texture. Doing so will result in a mess of textures that clash or blandness that blurs together.

Your flowery dangling necklace would stand out and look stunning on a solid-colored dress. On a flower-patterned dress, though, it’d get lost in the details. For showy and colorful dress, choose simple pieces that will create a subtle line of solid detail across your attire.

When To Add Contrast

Matching can be great—but, simply put, not everyone has a dress or bracelet for every outfit! Furthermore, darker colors don’t leave a lot of room for contrast. There is also a risk of going overboard and wearing too much of one color. Wearing strictly all black, top to bottom, or all pink may not always give the right impression.

For these situations, choose different colors and materials carefully. Neutral metals are almost always a smart choice, regardless of the color. Generally, with lighter colors, choose something subtle such as a plain silver bracelet or subtle gold hoop earrings. For darker colors a sharp contrast can be effective, such as bright gold, copper, or silver.

Dressing Right for the Occasion

Even during COVID restrictions, we find nice ways to spend time together—just safety distanced, in smaller groups, or virtually. Regardless, there’s no reason to let your fashion sense slip. Much of how to match dresses with accessories comes down to the nature of the event. Choose subtle pieces for more reserved events and more dramatic ones for the informal face chat.

When it comes to colors consider the season of the event, too. You wouldn’t want to wear fall colors to a winter dinner, or spring colors in the fall! Evening events—including the ever-popular virtual dinner—require a special amount of consideration, especially when it comes to picking the color of an outfit. Once the color has been sorted out, picking accessories is easy as pie.

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