How To Enjoy Your Rosé This Summer

How To Enjoy Your Rosé This Summer


You probably don’t need instructions on how to enjoy your rosé this summer, but we think we may have a couple of ideas you haven’t thought of. Besides, just talking about rosé is certain to brighten your day and leave you wanting to welcome a sip this evening. Grab a glass and take a seat on the deck, and let’s talk about summer’s wine: rosé.

Taco Tuesday

If you’ve never paired rosé with your favorite spicy dishes, please begin doing so immediately. The light sweetness of rosé is the perfect balance to hot and spicy. Taco Tuesday, Sriracha Saturday… whatever you choose, bring the rosé.

Chill Out

Rosé is best chilled. There’s no need to store it in the refrigerator at all times, but do chill the bottle a couple of hours before drinking it. Another option, especially on those extra-warm summer days, is to serve it over ice. Better still, add frozen fruit rather than ice cubes. The rosé will look extra pretty, and as the fruit defrosts, it adds a little extra fruity flavor to the wine. Splash in some club soda or sparkling water along with the fruit, and you’ll have the perfect wine spritzer.


Try using rosé in your favorite sangria recipe, and you’ll want to leave your glass sitting out as a decoration. This is the perfect drink for ladies’ night, a bridal shower, or anytime you’re hanging out with friends this summer.

Using your usual sangria ingredients of sugar, your liquor of choice (usually brandy or triple sec), and lots of fruit, simply add it all to your chilled rosé. We highly recommend peaches and a splash of lemon juice for this one.

How To Choose the Right Rosé

Unlike most wines, rosé is best when young, so look for a recent vintage. Next, compare colors. Rosés with deeper shades of pink are sweeter than the lighter, drier rosés. Rosé is a reasonably priced wine, but do seek a high-quality rosé for the best flavor. Enjoy trying a few different rosés until you find what you like.

Using our ideas of how to enjoy your rosé this summer, we trust it will become your summer drink of choice. You may even come up with your own ideas for pairing and sipping. Cheers to rosé all day and a fabulous summer.

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