Healthy Activities You Should Try Out This Week


Focusing on your health is a lifelong commitment. It’s not something you can do every now and then as part of a crash diet or fad exercise routine – it’s something you should keep up with on a weekly basis! And trust us, that’s not as hard as it sounds. Small steps often make the most impact, and having fun with your health is the best way to encourage yourself for the future. Which is why we’ve listed a few healthy activities you should try out this week; give them a go!

Play an Instrument

Being able to play an instrument is a great skill to pick up. Not only does it look good for your resume, but it’ll also help you to maintain a good peace of mind as well. And the benefits don’t stop there! 

Instruments engage core muscles, so they’re very healthy to play for your body. Indeed, getting the grips of playing the flute or another wind instrument will teach you good breath control. And plenty of deep breathing practice really helps with your mental state too, as it brings peace to both brain and body. 

Go to the Theater

Spending time at the theater is amazing for your mental health. It helps to foster creativity and gives you a dramatic outlet to follow along with. This can help get your emotions out when you’re bottling them up! 

And hey, who doesn’t love getting dressed up for a fancy night? You can meet like-minded people, get a drink in the bar with them afterward, and come back to see little local productions time and time again to support your area’s burgeoning arts scene. 

Have a Spa Day

Yes, a spa day counts as a healthy activity you should try out this week! From using a bit of oil from a CBDistillery on your skin to soaking in a hot bath while wearing a hair mask, you can relax at your own spa evening after a long day at work. 

After all, if you’ve been on your feet until they ache or you’ve been doing a lot of heavy lifting and have a sore back, this pampering is the best way to loosen up the muscles again. You can throw a bit of stretching in if need be but looking after your body is about more than just moving it! 

Try Yoga (or any kind of stretching)

As we said, stretching is great for getting blood flow into the body and pushing both settled liquid and trapped air out of your muscles. It’s why it feels so good to contort first thing after you wake up! And while Yoga is the most approachable way to stretch, it’s not the only sport to incorporate it. You can do a simple ‘flexi-stretch’ routine and be done with it in about 5 minutes. 

Want to be more healthy in day-to-day life? Try a few new activities each week and you’ll achieve your goals fast.

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