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Hey guys! Sorry that it’s been a week since I last updated! This week has been chaotic and stressful! Ugh, I am so ready for a new week to start! I finally received all of my orders in the mail and for the most part, everything looked great except for one dress! Here are a few pieces of the stuff that I received!

So this was my first time ordering from Sabo Skirt, and got to warn you… They have SUCH cute stuff but since they are all the way from Australia, you got to be aware of sizes! I ordered all smalls, but some of them (like the blazer, dress) fit too big, so I think I should have bought size XS instead. Another thing which sucks is that shipping costs $$$, and it’s not refundable shipping if you want to return something.. So be aware if you want to shop here (which I probably won’t in a while..) you are going to be spending 30+ for shipping both ways!

Anywhoo, this weekend I celebrated the Blackhawks victory! While hoping to see my love Jonathan Toews, I went out a few times….No luck, but it was fun! Here are some outfits that I wore:

My Filipino Loves!!! <3
This awesome picture was taken at THE MID.
The dress is actually my roommate’s, ha, but she bought it from Guess by Marciano, which they don’t have anymore.  And the shoes are from ZARA
Here’s a recap of the weekend! 

Lol! Closest dog to Boo!!
I bought the dress from FOREVER21 – I actually didn’t plan on wearing that dress that day, but it totally worked out since RED is their colors!!! 

And to end this post…

I will most definitely put together more outfits when I have extra time in my hands! But hope you guys enjoyed your weekend!

Fancy Nancy <3

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