Funky Flair: How To Plan a ‘70s Themed New Year’s Eve Party

Funky Flair: How To Plan a ‘70s Themed New Year’s Eve Party


It’s safe to say that the rate at which the year flew by is incomparable. It feels as if just yesterday, you were watching the ball drop and thinking of resolutions that would contribute to a more positive year ahead.

Whether this year brought better times or it’s still a work in progress, one thing is for sure; it’s time to come together to send off another period in celebration of the future yet to come.

But you’re not celebrating with your usual New Year’s Eve get-together. You’re switching the mood up this time around, and what better way than with a themed, nostalgic bash? Here’s how to plan a ‘70s themed New Year’s Eve party.

Focus on Your Dance Floor

When prepping the space for your boogie night bash, having the right décor is a priority to set the mood. If you live in an area with a warm climate year-round, why not set up outdoors and host festivities under the stars? You can use a pool dance floor cover to set up a dance floor complete with strobe lights for guests to showcase their best moves.

If you find yourself in a colder environment, you can still have a nostalgic feel by placing ‘70’s wall décor around the room and creating a disco ball.

Set the Mood With the Right Music

Replicate the sounds of Studio 54 by curating a playlist of the most famous disco tunes from this decade. Don’t be afraid to reach out to guests before the celebration to ask for song requests to complete your playlist.

Sport Your Funkiest Disco Attire

The most entertaining aspect of themed parties is dressing up for the occasion! Encourage your guests to don vintage finds that display all the exciting elements of disco and this nostalgic time.

Prep a Vintage Menu

Why stop theming at décor and outfits when you can elevate creativity with the party menu? It’s essential to note that food options during this time frame differed from what you consume now.

You can incorporate cheap, easy snack options: hot dogs, cheesy fries, nachos, macaroni and cheese, and the ever-popular Watergate salad. You could also supply elaborate items, like a chocolate fondue spread, deviled eggs, wine, cocktails, and shrimp cocktails.

Incorporate a Few Fun Activities

While you can always set up a photo area complete with a vintage background and props, consider icebreakers as an alternative way to sink into this decade in history. Who can forget the infamous Pet Rock collectible from the 1970s?

If you’re feeling ambitious, you can make an activity out of decorating your own Pet Rocks while you wait for the new year to arrive.

The ‘70s were a time of exciting fashion choices and fantastic music. You can introduce some funky flair into your New Year’s Eve celebration this season by learning how to plan a ‘70s themed party and grooving to a new beginning.

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