4 Memorable Photo Ideas for Your Wedding Day

4 Memorable Photo Ideas for Your Wedding Day


Planning your wedding is tedious; before your wedding day, consider how you’d like your photos to look. Posing for traditional pictures is fine, but keep in mind that candid photos can also produce some fantastic results. You don’t have to decide one way or another—it’s perfectly fine and advisable to mix things up on each pose. Let’s look at four memorable photo ideas for your wedding day.

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

While bridal party photos often feel more like a chore, they’re among the most important groupings to get. After all, you’ve asked these people to be a part of your wedding day for a reason. Take time to thank them with some special photos that you’ll cherish forever!

Here’s who to include in your bridal party photos:

  • The groomsmen and bridesmaids
  • The best man and maid of honor
  • Other members of the wedding party, e.g., flower girls, ring bearers

Wedding Rings

When photographing your jewelry, you will want to focus on the rings. You can use a ring holder to show off both rings or improvise with other props, such as flowers or pillows. You might also consider having your photographer take photos of the rings on your fingers.

Other ring photo ideas include:

  • Placing the rings on each other’s finger
  • Holding hands
  • A close up shot while holding your partner during a kiss

Photos With Your Parents

You can take photos with your parents at your convenience, but you may want to get the family photos out of the way before it’s time to party. These are essential photos, so make sure you do them right. Therefore, you want to avoid hiring discount vendors that will ruin the pictures.

When taking wedding photos with your parents, do yourself a favor and opt for classic poses instead of overly creative ones. Family photos at weddings tend to have a timeless quality.

Photos With Your Grandparents and Extended Family

You’ll be spending so much time with your new spouse that it can be easy to forget about the rest of your family and friends. You don’t have to pose for formal portrait photos with every single guest, but here are a few memorable photo ideas for your wedding day.

You’ll want to be intentional about taking photos with your grandparents and extended family. If you’re feeling exceptionally sentimental, take a picture of just you and each grandparent.

Also, take photos with whoever raised you. Nowadays, families come in an array of mixtures. There may be stepparents or stepsiblings to include, and remember that even if they aren’t a part of the ceremony, this is a special moment for them, too!

Finally, remember to take pictures with family from far away. Many relatives might travel long distances or even internationally for your event, and who knows when you will come together again. So be sure to take a moment to snap a shot or two with them for the memories.

People Are Important on Your Wedding Day

While it may seem like you need to put in a lot of effort for each photo you pose for on the big day, there’s nothing quite like seeing decades’ worth of love captured in one image. These are the memories you will look back on for years to come. The beautiful cake, flowers, and venue will all be gone at the night’s end, but photographs of you with your family and friends will last a lifetime.

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