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Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, when stores decide to open at the asscrack of dawn to start Christmas sales.’

Guy 1: Hey are you going to do black Friday?
Guy 2: Fuck no, man, do I want to get trampled by a crowd of people trying to buy a cheap Xbox!

[definition provided by ‘urban dictionary,’]

Well this conversation sums up why I rather not go in-store and rather do all my shopping online.  If you’re like me and don’t like crowds of people, crazy long lines or overall madness, then you will find this post worthy.  I have come up with some popular clothing stores that have awesome Black Friday sales that you don’t want to miss!

ASOS, most of you should be familiar with this site, if not, it’s a British online fashion and beauty store.  This place has endless merchandise, sometimes I find myself looking through their website for hours… Their sale is suppose to be pretty extravagant, and if you just can’t wait a week, you can start shopping now, as they have up to 70% off daily merchandise.

LuLu*s, is offering a mystery discount, along with a huge sale on Black Friday.  LuLu*s sells a wide selection from dresses to shoes that you can’t ever go wrong with and the best part is everything is totally affordable!  So make sure to stop on by! 

NASTY GAL, one of my other favorite online shopping store, it’s an American-based and owned online retailer which specializes in fashion clothing, shoes, and accessories for young women.  This online retailer is a great way to find unique looking pieces.  Supposedly they are suppose to have huge deals this Black Friday.

MARCIANO/GUESS?, I don’t really shop here anymore, but I use to work here a few years ago, and I know they always had awesome Black Friday deals that cannot be missed.  They are one of the many stores that open at the crack of dawn, but also have ‘can’t miss’ online sales!

JCREW, this retail store usually always crazy, awesome deals, especially on Black Friday.  Sales can range from 50% of sale, and 25-30% off regular priced clothing.  I wouldn’t recommend in-store shopping, as that store is ALWAYS packed, no matter holiday or not, but online is equally equivalent maybe even better.. with more options! 

Know of any great online Black Friday sales?  Comment below! 

Have a great weekend loves!!


Fancy Nancista

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