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Brunch is always a good idea, especially when you’re in Chicago. If you didn’t know by now, Chicago is famous for its food, from gourmet fine dining to authentic local eats; you can find just about anything.

I can go on and on about numerous popular brunch spots in Chicago; but when craving something fresh, “made from scratch“, with a combination of gourmet dining and authentic eats, Siena Tavern is the spot to go. Siena Tavern {located on 51 W. Kinzie} is easily one of Chicago’s top restaurants in River North area, focusing on traditional Italian cuisine with a modern twist, all made from scratch. 
In previous times, I have dined in at Siena Tavern for lunch and dinner – which I absolutely love and recommend to everyone who visits Chicago. Recently, I had the opportunity to try out Siena Tavern’s brunch menu and as always, the food was top notch and very fulfilling.
Avocado Toast –
The perfect dish to start off your brunch meal. 🙂
Another great starter; light and crispy, and tasteful.
Truffle Mushroom Pizza-
If you asked me what my favorite pizza joint in Chicago is, I’d say Siena Tavern is definitely one of them! One of the freshest, most flavorful and delicate pizzas you’ll ever have! 

Short Rib Ravioli-
Seriously one of the highlights of my meal! This delicate dish bursts with so many wonderful flavors!
Monkey Bread-
This place also has some of the best desserts in the city- one of my favorites is this monkey bread! It’s the perfect way to end your meal.. Imagine a warm, soft, gooey and carmel-y taste oozing with goodness!!! It’s a must, and you won’t regret! 🙂
Overall, my dining experience with Siena is always phenomenal, from the cozy ambiance, to the excellent service and the top notch food; it’s a must to add Siena Tavern on your list of places to check out! 
Siena Tavern
51 W. Kinzie
Chicago, Illinois 60654
What are your favorite brunch spots in Chicago? 
Until next time guys..

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