Do’s and Don’ts of Attending a Virtual Wedding

Do’s and Don’ts of Attending a Virtual Wedding


The implementation of social distancing guidelines has caused many couples to swap their vows online. With the help of video chat platforms, engaged couples can still have family and friends witness their ceremony in a unique way that promotes the safety of everyone involved.

A virtual wedding is still a celebratory event—just with a bit more distance and technology involved. If you’re wondering how to be the perfect virtual guest, review the do’s and don’ts of attending a virtual wedding below.

Virtual Wedding Do’s

Dress Up

Whether virtual or not, a wedding is an ideal excuse to dress up. Unless otherwise noted in the invitation, fancier garb is standard protocol for weddings.

It may be tempting to remain in sweats for the day, but show the couple respect by sprucing up a bit. Swapping out your boring work from home sweater for a dress or some slacks may feel nice for a change!

Gift the Newlyweds

A lot of traditions are off the table with a virtual wedding. Still, it’s important to express your excitement for the couple however possible. Despite Covid 19, chances are they still put together a registry to help start build their life together. Opt for a present on their curated registry to show you care.

If the couple has yet to craft a wishlist or doesn’t plan to, consider gifting items popular on wedding registries. When all else fails, there’s nothing like gifting a check in the newlyweds’ name.

Show up on Time

Given that there’s no need to commute to the ceremony, there aren’t too many reasons to be late to an online wedding. Enter the video chat invitation at the designated time to avoid requesting entry during the service.

Virtual Wedding DON’Ts

Avoid these faux pas when tuning into the digital ceremony.

Forget To Mute Your Mic

Leaving your microphone on after the couple requests guests turn them off is an easy mistake to avoid. Experiment with video chat features before the event date to verify audio and video settings. Nobody wants the couple’s special day to get disrupted because of technical issues.

Relay the Invite

Don’t invite guests on your own accord. Refrain from sharing the invitation link with others unless the bride and groom have approved. Avoid asking unless you think someone was left out by mistake. Many video conference applications have limitations on how many guests they can process at once.

Multitask During the Wedding

Believe it or not, it’s easy to point out whether someone is paying attention on video. Act as engaged as you would in-person. Don’t go on your phone or tend quickly to chores when you’re supposed to be celebrating with the happy couple.

Engaged couples have made the most of a limiting situation throughout quarantine. Technology has allowed us to remain connected through the pandemic, even for the most special of occasions. Study the do’s and don’ts of attending a virtual wedding before the big day.

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