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Summer is quickly approaching, which means bikini season is too. Uh oh! One of the most dreadful but ‘can’t wait’ kind of seasons, is it me or does anybody else feel like swimsuit shopping makes you feel a bit anxious?  I mean, finding the right size, shape, color… And can we not forget the perfect piece that you feel the most comfortable in? In my head, I picture myself wearing the chicest and perfect fitted bikini by the beach, but in reality I am wearing a more plain-jane, boring kind of suit, that makes me feel unnoticed. :::Sigh:::

It’s hard to find “that suit,” I mean I don’t think I really have….
Luckily for me, I discovered a website where you can design your own swimwear called Surania. Surania is an e-tailor shop where you can design and tailor to your own body type.  You choose from a variety of shapes, styles and prints.
A cool thing about Surania is that every season, they offer new swimwear selections. Surania offers over 8,000 possible combinations for a customized bikini or swimsuit!
My experience was very easy and straight forward –
First you choose a style for your top and bottoms:

Once chosen, you choose from a variety of specific styles and shapes:
Lastly, you can customize your fabrics and sizes:
And that’s it! 🙂 It’s simple as 1-2-3! Check out my design below:

And if you don’t want to design yours, Surania also has various already made bathing suits as well! Your summer shopping has gotten pretty easy already… So get designing! And I’ll see you at the beach 🙂

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