Could making green sauces influence more healthy eating?

Well the question is up there does just making a sauce that is green (not with a chemical coloring reaction) make you feel healthier, everything green in this world does have a tendency to be good for you, as it is all mother nature’s plants. Maybe by exploring some of these sauces and their ingredients we can work out whether this could catch on in the world too. 


Different from U.S. restaurants supplying ketchup in most of their dining establishments, in Argentina, you would find they have this green sauce sitting on most of their tables, chimichurri parsley, onion, garlic, oregano, and either olive or red-wine vinegar, the vibrant green is like the spinach you get from an oysters rockefeller, but in this case, this sauce is covering meat that comes off the grill.

Salsa Verde

Italy is our point of origin here, with a similar product to chimichurri but this has a salty taste represented by anchovies and capers added in. This sauce can be added to steak or scallops or maybe through pasta. 

Mexico also has this name sauce but this one contains tomatillos which is a green tomato, and sometimes avocado blitzed in, this sauce is normally a little spicy but so refreshing.


Back in Italy, there is green sauce like the other Italian sauce above here but has parmesan and pine nuts. A special Italian dish the pesto is very well paired with is hot pasta, when the hot pasta and pesto mix there is a vibrant delight in smell and taste, the cheese in the pesto melts making another exciting taste.

Chile-herb dipping sauce

So Thailand has many sauces, like books and books of heritage, but this particular one gets its body from toasted rice that has been pulverized. The sauce also contains whole chiles that have been toasted and then ground down into flakes, this world has some other changes from the oil-based and citrus tastes, here we get sugar and cilantro, and mint to make the herbs balance out.

Green chutney

This earthy Indian green condiment is represented by ginger, jalapeno, mint, and, cilantro, and then by adding yogurt to thicken it. The food you would traditionally dip into this is grilled meat or even samosas. The addition of ginger sets all the sauces apart from this sauce. 

Creamy jalapeno sauce

In Texas, they call this sauce ‘that green sauce’ and it does not have avocado or dairy in this. To become creamy you mix up cilantro, jalapeno, lime, and garlic and then emulsify in a blender to create a puree. When ready drizzle on onto your tacos or grilled chicken or even scrambled eggs.


So all these green sauces that seem very healthy are easy to make and taste very nice. The natural ingredients mentioned are good for your body. I will say honestly I would try to make one green sauce a week, these sauces are inspiring, and if I made them more then I will increase the yield every week.

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