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Hello loves!

Hope you guys had a great week! This week has been crazy busy for me but I finally ended my 1st semester of my last year of school! Luckily, we get a week off before starting the last semester, which I don’t even want to think about. Ahhh… At least this week will allow me to have time to work on projects and more time to focus on my blog! Speaking of which, last night I finally attended a Chicago Blogger Network event! It was my first networking event and it was definitely a success! I had a lot of fun and met a ton of new and fun people!

The blogging event was held in Lincoln Park at a bar called Diag and Grill Bar. My roommate and I arrived there around 8, and to our surprise the room section was filled with many people. Not going to lie, it was a bit uneasy and very intimidating at first, but once we settled in, we were introduced to a few bloggers, friends supporters, and designers. Overall, it was just a really great time, and I plan on attending more events this year (as it’s on my bucket list for 2014!). I also believe I should try at least to go to networking events alone some time (I know scary!), but it allows and forces you to be more outgoing and social!

Well anyway, I’ll stop my blabbing and show you what I chose to wear for the event!

 Finally had a chance to meet “Jill” from the blog – JESS & JILL – She was super sweet! <3
Everything I am wearing is basically Zara. Haha, Zara has had their Fall/Winter sale for a while now, and still have awesome steals! This skirt is leather and has a floral print on the front, and I only purchased it for $15!! The black turtle neck is also from Zara and was only $12.99! My clutch is from Guess by Marciano’s old collection (2 years ago). 
Also! Not only do I have exciting plans and projects for the 2014 year, but I also have been receiving more opportunities for my blog overall! It is so crazy how good things happen to you all at one time! It’s definitely keeping me excited and pumped for the year! 
All right that is all for now, going to bed… So exhausted! 
Until next time… Good night <3
Fancy Nancista


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